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Thanks for the great post. While I tend to be one of those "moderate Republicans" I share the same concerns about the state of the party. I'm not interested in turning around and drumming the so-cons out of the party, but it's hard to get them to see that their hard edge rhetoric and politics is hurting the party.

I'm a gay Republican who has been involved with Log Cabin for several years. Recently, I decided to send an email to a well-known conservative writer who is steadfast against gay marriage to enter into a dialogue with me. I wasn't interested in yelling at him, but I wanted him to meet a real live gay man. He never responded to my email.

So, maybe the challenge is to ignore them and go about refashioning the party on our own by creating new institutions that present a more positive conservatism because change isn't going to come from the so-cons.

I wrote a post based on the John Avalon piece a few days ago that you might want to read:

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Wonderful post. Although I am younger, I do understand where you are coming from. I'm still involved with the GOP at this point because I've done the 3rd party and that hasn't done much. I'm toying with the idea of writing up some kind of conservative version of the Euston Manifesto and I'm looking for people who are interested in working with me. Would you be interested?

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