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You might want to consult your lawyer dude ... actively interfering with the police constitutes the crime of "Obstruction of Official Business." Actively interfering with a police officer will get you arrested. It's not a social contract where you get to negotiate. Regardless of charges being dropped, if an officer determines that obstruction is taking place, he can legally make the arrest ... period. It is no defense that the arrest was wrongful, as long as the officer reasonably believes that the suspect has committed an offense.

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I read of this at the AOS site. I never got the sense that PJM was tanking.

Did I mention it would be good idea to use less salt in the recipe you wrote about?

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You say in one breath that the polls lag by a couple of days. Fred has been building momentum and it is starting to show in the polls. Then, you say he has no chance of winning SC. We'll see. My prediction is Thompson 28 - McCain 25 - Romney 19 - Huckabee 14 - Guliani 8 - Paul 6. Paul and Guliani could flip flop, but I see Thompson suprising you all.


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Here's the deal. I've got a small penile complex so the only thing I have to brag about is my smarts: 136 on the WAIS (I.Q.score) That's me. 99th percentile. sorry bud, I ain't dumb. I get your point. Your point is that lefties are cowards and..... Montebanks?
1. A hawker of quack medicines who attracts customers with stories, jokes, or tricks.
2. A flamboyant charlatan.
Jesus, you got me pegged. Howbout I kick yo MF ass? Does that sound like a Montebank to you? Pussy? And Loons? you need to know that the sound of loon song on an Adirondack lake in the fall, with the sun setting and the breeze blowing evokes the most solemn emotional heart felt response in healthy, bright, smart, wise, effective, useful, inquisitive, INTELEGENT humans that have ever occupied the planet. Right wingers miss the point usually and use loons only as an indication that the waterfowl, known as the loon represents "stupid" or "crazy". You're still a COWARD!

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I was patrolling the rice paddys and villages east of Da Nang when that 1967 protest occurred. I was unaware the protest was happening. Don't know what I would have thought about it back then, I was kind of dumber than dog-do. I know I got boned just like these kids in Iraq are getting boned. Here's what I think now: I have three children in their twenties. I brought two of them down to NYC on March 15th 2002 to peacefully protest the eminent start of the Iraq war. It was freezing cold and the NYC police wouldn't let us get anywhere near 1st Ave where the rally was staged. I could see 50 or 60 thousand frustrated people on 3rd Ave and that many more on 2nd Ave.but we had to finally give up after hours of useless pleading with the police to let us through. It could have gone a different way but our mission was peace. It is sad that we cannot regularly amass millions in protest of wars but I would say that it is even sadder that less than 25% of the elegible voters in this country can bring to power and leadership, the kind of political monsters that have drawn us into this nightmare. This country likes a good fight and these politicians know and take advantage of that by trudging our kids into one military adventure after another. That is criminal.
You write: I know what I would do if I actually believed the United States was in danger of slipping into some kind of authoritarian, anti-Constitutional nightmare. That's exactly what is going on and you are sitting at your typewriter mouthing off and you are a coward and my guess is you're a chickenhawk as well.

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