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Please God, just let Bush stand up to it this time and not appoint another "special" prosecutor. Let them yell. Let them holler. Let's discover how long they can hold their collective breaths. But don't appoint another prosecutor.

Comment Posted By Davidlin On 17.03.2007 @ 08:44


I'm still waiting for Sandy Friggin Burglar to get his lie detector test. When that happens I may be willing to give Gonzolez some slack. Until then, he deserves everything that leftist loons can collect from their brain pans in the morning to give him for breakfast.

Comment Posted By Davidlin On 15.03.2007 @ 09:21


Shawn Said:
4:35 pm

“Colts 28, Bears 10”

Please give me whatever drugs you’re on.

Drugs?!! The Bears were okay for the first fifteen seconds or so of the game. After that they went into some kind of prevent defense that allowed Peyton to complete five yard passes with ease. The Colts defense was awesome. They still didn't tackle well at times but they did create a few turnovers and stopped the run brilliantly. So then it was Peyton vs. the puppy. And it was over.
The Bears are a great team with a very erratic QB. My sympathies to their fans in this loss after a great season.
It was a fun game to watch. But I always felt the Colts would win after watching them beat my Patriots.
They are a tenacious group. And you have to be happy for their coach after all he has been through lately.

Comment Posted By Davidlin On 5.02.2007 @ 05:28

Colts 28, Bears 10

Comment Posted By Davidlin On 4.02.2007 @ 14:44


Bush deserves this ineffective PM. Because Bush is playing a similar game with Iran. Iran is DEDICATED to an outcome that the president professes not to want. It involves violence and the defeat of the west. And yet his passivity encourages this to flourish. How is this different from Maliki and the death squads?

Comment Posted By Davidlin On 30.11.2006 @ 05:46


I have wondered about this scenario or something similar as well. I think Turkey would play a large role in the violence that would follow a western withdrawal. Unfortunately, they would start by going after the most promising element in Iraq, the Kurds. The Saudis would be drawn in and then, of course, they would be begging the US to return. The Israelis would be no help with their current leadership. It would be a stalemate. All would go down with no clear victor.

The Chinese, as usual, would sit back and enjoy the whole thing. It's a shame we have leaders who are afraid to finish what they start. Bush is a big disappointment. He has ignored the obvious intent of Iran and Syria to sabotage everything he has tried to do in the ME. What was he thinking? He has never really explained.

Comment Posted By Davidlin On 29.11.2006 @ 05:29



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