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Justice 27, the "emergence" of Fox and Limbaugh was the result of loosening the so-called "Fairness Doctrine", which was a political decision and not a technological one. The technologies of AM non-stereo radio and, later, of television were already in existence for many decades. (But then the Progressives took 'em over.)

The blogs and the internet in general, though, have made a difference; they have overturned the Progressive consensus more than anything else. And they've helped Rush too, while we're on that topic...

Back in the early 1990s if Rush said something, the networks could clip the inflammatory part they wanted you to hear, and Rush couldn't get his message easily to the wider public. Now, Rush can post his stuff to the 'Web and we can tell immediately if he's right or not.

If we're talking health technology, I expect it'll be still available for the upper-middle classes and higher. Just hop on a plane to Thailand - if you can get tickets, because half this nation's doctors might be filling up available seats in the next few months.

Comment Posted By David Ross On 8.11.2009 @ 19:58

That said, I agree that busboy33 does offer a good set of arguments.

Just to pick on Reynolds and Reason60 some more - I think they're bad for their own case.

It's just easier to argue with a blustering windbag like Reynolds and a but-the-GOP-sucks-too whiner like Reason60. This gives the impression that the anti-Pelosi case is stronger than it would seem otherwise, say if I was arguing with busboy33.

Reynolds and Reason60 should have restrained themselves to a "wat busboy sed, me 2"

Comment Posted By David Ross On 8.11.2009 @ 17:57

Reason60, nice use of the "tu quoque".

Comment Posted By David Ross On 8.11.2009 @ 17:23

Michael Reynolds said, "Are you an adult living with muscular dystrophy who can’t get nursing care because the CEO of your health insurer needs a private jet? Well too damned bad, pal, the GOP does not give a damn."

Or, we could say "Are you an adult living with muscular dystrophy who can’t get nursing care because 'budgets are tight for everyone', and Sheila Jackson-Lee needs a private jet?"

Well too damned bad, pal, Michael Reynolds does not give a damn.

I know the difference between righteous anger and calculated bluster. Reynolds has nothing to add to this debate.

Comment Posted By David Ross On 8.11.2009 @ 17:22


I am a Texan. Why should I bow to the dictates of non-Texans?

When Mexico went over to the Napoleonic dictator Santa Anna, we revolted. If America goes over to this creature of the Chicago machine and Hyde Park socialists, Texas should do it again.

Comment Posted By David Ross On 14.10.2008 @ 10:25



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