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Conservatives who are so upset about Meirs' appointment seem to forget that even though there are 55 Republicans, not all of them are conservative. Bush probably realized that Luttig, Owens, Brown or any conservative with a paper trail would probably lose a number of Republicans. I can easily point to at least five: Spector, Collins, Snowe, Chaffee, and McCain. All it takes is one more (perhaps Voinovich or Warner) and the nomination is dead if Democrats hold fast, especially on a fillibuster. Why sacrifice a good candidate just to make a point? If Bush believes she's the right candidate given the current difficult conditions in the Senate, that's good enough for me. Effective politics is the art of the possible, not tilting at windmills.

David Cutbirth
Reidsville, Georgia

Comment Posted By David Cutbirth On 3.10.2005 @ 12:34



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