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Just from curiosity, I went and took a quick look at that site. Slap me if I try something like that again. Please.

Narcissists, vapid wannabe intellectuals, self-deluded twits. Did I say slap me if I feel the need to go places like that again? Do it twice.

Comment Posted By Dave On 22.08.2005 @ 22:47


As for troops... the President keeps saying, and I think I believe him, that the commanders in Iraq keep saying they don't need more troops (Individual units always think they could use more troops. But Abizaid and Vines or whoever's in charge these days say "No" when it gets up to their level).

Comment Posted By Dave On 15.08.2005 @ 07:55


So is your name really "Moran"? Like this guy?

I dunno... smells like a set-up to me!

Comment Posted By dave On 6.08.2005 @ 19:37


It is interesting to see the that the Galileos of yesteryear have now taken up residence in the Vatican and are persecuting those of today who dare to question the authority of the now favored theory. There has to be some parallel here with the ever increasing shrillness of the left as they lose power.

Comment Posted By Dave On 2.08.2005 @ 16:15


Slight correction. What gave away Mandy's ruse was the lack of any sound of rain hitting the car through her phone, not the sound of the door closing. And if a woman I thought was a friendly neighbor suddenly killed someone in my presence and said she'd kill me if I didn't do exactly what she said, I'd probably do it. Especially when the instructions are to walk to a car and drive away, which is probably what I want to do anyway.

Comment Posted By Dave On 28.05.2005 @ 12:24


I thought this episode was pretty weak. There wasn't enough good stuff to compensate for the absurd implausibility of what's going on. So the nuclear football is stolen and it's going to take an hour to change the codes of the warheads? Please. So the plan all along was to shoot down Air Force One and just hope that the football gets sucked out of the plane far enough away so they can get there before CTU? Please. And the SecDef has determined that the recovery of the football is the TOP priority. And thus they send one (1) friggin' helicopter, with Jack and one (1) other agent to recover it. Please. And speaking of the SecDef, where has Heller been? He had to run off to plan for martial law and we haven't seen him since. Did the producers just run out of things for him to do, or did they need to get him out of the way so that Bill Buchanan could come into the picture? And what's Curtis up to? Doesn't he still work there?

Anyway, I don't mind 24's lack of believability as a general matter, but the show needs to help us get past it so we don't notice it too much in the heat of the episode. Not so good this week.

Comment Posted By Dave On 13.04.2005 @ 13:44

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