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Indian Summer is when you have apache fog.

Comment Posted By Dave On 4.11.2008 @ 14:19


Btw, gallup likely voter tracking says its a 2 point race now. Rasmussen says it's 4 points. Republicans are underpolled ever year. And the still remaining undecideds, by the looks of things, will break toward McCain by 80%. If the election were held today, I firmly believe it would be very close, probably a 1 or 2 point win for Obama. That's not much ground to make up. It can happen, I believe it will. I have a gut feeling that it will.

Comment Posted By dave On 17.10.2008 @ 03:25

You are falling into the trap the media is setting up. This is a very close race by all means, it will continue to tighten. With great conservative turnout, we will win the presidency again. Don't let them destroy your enthusiasm. Remember they are outpolling democrats, especially since the number of new registering Democrats is really fake because of Acorn's fantastic blunders.

I believe it can still be done. It has to be done, otherwise we'll subject the country to a new era of socialism in this country. The Democrats aren't going to gain a filibuster-proof majority, they would have to pick up 10 seats, and that won't happen. Plus, greater enthusiasm on the top of the ticket trickles down, and higher poll numbers for McCain means higher poll numbers for candidates down the ticket.

Don't give up and keep on fighting. We're gonna win this thing, I believe it.

Comment Posted By dave On 17.10.2008 @ 03:21


I was confu?sed but now I'm not. Let me see if I have this strai?ght.?.?.?.?.?

* If you grow up in Hawai?i,? raise?d by your grand?paren?ts,? you'?re "?exoti?c,? diffe?rent.?"

* Grow up in Alask?a eatin?g moose?burge?rs,? a quint?essen?tial Ameri?can story?.?

* If your name is Barac?k you'?re a radic?al,? unpat?rioti?c Musli?m.?

* Name your kids Willo?w,? Trig and Track?,? you'?re a maver?ick.?

* Gradu?ate from Harva?rd law Schoo?l and you are unsta?ble.?

* Atten?d 5 diffe?rent small? colle?ges befor?e gradu?ating?,? you'?re well groun?ded.?

* If you spend? 3 years? as a brill?iant commu?nity organ?izer,? becom?e the first? black? Presi?dent of the Harva?rd Law Revie?w,? creat?e a voter? regis?trati?on drive? that regis?ters 150,?000 new voter?s,? spend? 12 years? as a Const?ituti?onal Law profe? ssor,? spend? 8 years? as a State? Senat?or repre?senti?ng a distr?ict with more tnan 750,?000 peopl?e,? becom?e chair?man of the state? Senat?e'?s Healt?h and Human? Servi?ces commi?ttee,? spend? 4 years? in the Unite?d State?s Senat?e repre?senti?ng a state? of 13 milli?on peopl?e while? spons?oring? 131 bills? and servi?ng on the Forei?gn Affai?rs,? Envir?onmen?t and Publi?c Works? and Veter?an'?s Affai?rs commi?ttees?,? you don'?t have any real leade?rship? exper?ience?.?

* If your total? resum?e is: local? weath?er girl,? 4 years? on the city counc?il and 6 years? as the mayor? of a town with fewer? than 7,?000 peopl?e,? 20 month?s as the gover?nor of a state? with only 650,?000 peopl?e,? then you'?re quali?fied to becom?e the count?ry'?s secon?d highe?st ranki?ng execu?tive.?

* If you have been marri?ed to the same woman? for 19 years? while? raisi?ng 2 beaut?iful daugh?ters,? all withi?n Prote?stant? churc?hes,? you'?re not a real Chris?tian.?

* If you cheat?ed on your first? wife with a rich heire?ss,? and left your disfi?gured? wife and marri?ed the heire?ss the n ext month?,? you'?re a Chris?tian.?

* If you teach? respo?nsibl?e,? age appro?priat?e sex educa?tion,? inclu?ding the prope?r use of birth? contr?ol,? you are erodi?ng the fiber? of socie?ty.?

* If, while? gover?nor,? you staun?chly advoc?ate absti?nence? only,? with no other? optio?n in sex educa?tion in your state?'?s schoo?l syste?m while? your unwed? teen daugh?ter ends up pregn?ant,? you'?re very respo?nsibl?e.?

* If your wife is a Harva?rd gradu?ate lawye?r who gave up a posit?ion in a prest?igiou?s law firm to work for the bette?rment? of her inner? city commu?nity,? then gave that up to raise? a famil?y,? your famil?y'?s value?s don'?t repre?sent Ameri?ca'?s.?

* If your husba?nd is nickn?amed "?First? Dude,?"? with at least? one DWI convi?ction? and no colle?ge educa?tion,? who didn'?t regis?ter to vote until? age 25 and once was a membe?r of a group? that advoc?ated the seces?sion of Alask?a from the USA, your famil?y is extre?mely admir?able.?

OK, much clear?er now.

Comment Posted By dave On 20.09.2008 @ 01:57


Rick M. wrote:
"Anyone asking the question how a little known state senator who has served less than half a term as a US Senator could be the Democratic nominee for president only need look at Obama’s friends in very high places in Chicago."

Are you suggesting that Obama has a smart, experienced, and competent staff from Chicago? Yes, he does.

From the same New York Sun column:
"For Mr. Daley, Mr. Obama's path to the presidency has many positives. Better to have the talented Chicagoan training his rhetorical thunder against such foes as Hillary Clinton and John McCain than against the top office holder in Clark [sic] County."

Daley (and the Cook County Democratic Machine) didn't back Obama until after the 2004 Illinois primary for the U.S. Senate. Axelrod, Jarrett, and Obama have University of Chicago connections. If you are suggesting that Obama is a creation of the Daleys or the Machine, it's wrong.

Right. And Emil Jones is a reformer, Tony Rezko is an honest businessman, and Michelle Obama's family connections to the Machine are just a mirage. Not to mention Pfleger, Meeks, and Wright who more often than not support machine politicians.

Obama has used the machine his entire career - when using them could get him an advantage.


Comment Posted By Dave On 17.07.2008 @ 19:33


Isn't that the same mentality we all had on September 10? It could never happen... I guess being in NYC its easy to forget the Tower coming down.

Don't we still have treason laws on the books? It might be time us citizens start making citizen arrests.

Comment Posted By Dave On 7.07.2008 @ 18:02


I'm so sorry, Rick. We've been through the same thing 4 times in the past, and it seems to get harder every time. Every time we lose one of our furry friends, I swear we'll never get another as the pain is too much to bear. Every time, we end up with another one; the joys outweigh the pain.

Comment Posted By Dave On 24.12.2007 @ 18:18


Sorry to hear about your experiences.

I've been to Vegas about 6 times for conventions and training. The last 3 times have been at the Bellagio. It is a nice property and early check-ins and late checkouts were not a problem. I think "West" was right when talking about lodging in Vegas, if not anywhere.

I may not travel enough because I was impressed by the taxi availability in Vegas, and I didn't mind the walk to luggage claim or the wait for cabs.

I would have changed hotels after the first 6 hours you went through.

Comment Posted By Dave On 12.11.2007 @ 19:36


"jive" does not equal "jibe"

Comment Posted By dave On 2.04.2007 @ 16:23


Blind to the fact that a democratic Iraq fights terrorism. Blind to the fact that Saddam would not.

Que up the painting of Saddam smoking a cigar behind the burning WTC. Remember, moonbats, Saddam hates terrorism.

Comment Posted By Dave On 1.04.2007 @ 21:04

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