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You deserve a great deal of credit for writing, "The fact is, the Administration has sought to politicize the Department of Justice as they have tried to stamp politics on most every other aspect of government."

Yes, this is happening. It goes beyond anything even Nixon tried to do and was forced - by Republicans - to resign for. When the power of government is used to promote one party and to crush the other we are on a dangerous path. For example, the wiretapping - the temptations are so great, and we don't yet know if they were listening to their political opponents, for example. Would any of us put it past someone with that power to use it? I know you would be accusing Clinton of that if this were happening under his watch.

Which brings me to my point. You followed the above by writing, "Of course, few President’s politicized their Justice Department more than Clinton." This makes it sound like you're using a "they all do it" defense.

1) They don't all do it. Saying so pro,otes a cynicism and acceptance of wrongdoing. The current situation in the Justice Dept. is unprecedented and dangerous.

2) Even IF Clinton did it, this should make you MORE likely to demand that this crowd resign for it,not less. You either accept this conduct or you don't - and if you don't you should be especially horrified when "your guys" are doing it.

Comment Posted By Dave Johnson On 29.07.2007 @ 13:58

We Hubble went to jail for overcharging clients years BEFORE he entered the Clinton admin. His prosecution was an example of what I am talking about here. They investigated everyone around Clinton so thoroughly, trying to get leverage to get someone to say Clinton did something wrong, that they uncovered a billing overcharge from years earlier. That is ALL they could come up with! They told Hubble they'd let him go if he could give them some dirt on Clinton. He couldn't, so he went to jail.

Brown wasn't indicted. "Almost certainly" is not a standard that applies.

Comment Posted By Dave Johnson On 29.07.2007 @ 13:33

Your "evidence" is a quote from Senator Hatch, and Bob Novak saying it "suggests" the Justice Dept is politicized?

It was the Clinton Justice Department that assigned so many cases to special prosecutors, investigated Clinton so thoroughly, etc. So their own interest in maintaining public confidence that the system was not being abused, that even the appearance of propriety was always maintained, was being used to make it look like they were doing something wrong.

No one ever found ANY evidence of wrongdoing in the Clinton administration. Not one Clinton official was prosecuted or even had to resign because of wrongdoing - except one guy who took a helicopter to play golf. That is the entire record of wrongdoing in the Clinton administration. Nothing else. After all those investigations. The most subpoenas and hearings by the Congress ever in our country's history. Days of hearings on Clinton's Christmas card list...

Compare that to today...

Comment Posted By Dave Johnson On 29.07.2007 @ 13:17

After the most extensive FBI investigation in history the Justice Department and special prosecutors couldn't find any evidence against Clinton beyond a blow job. After more subpoenas and hearings than ever before in our country's history the Congress also couldn't find any evidence of wrongdoing.

Of COURSE this means there was a massive cover-up, and the Justice Department was politicized. What ELSE could it mean?

Comment Posted By Dave Johnson On 29.07.2007 @ 12:27


This left-wing blogger agrees with everything you wrote. A tragedy. We owe it to the Iraqi people to provide security and help build lasting institutions and we have blown it. It could have been done.

Comment Posted By Dave Johnson On 16.11.2006 @ 09:25


"ABC’s outing of the names of the east European countries where the CIA’s prisons were located did so little damage to Bush politically but hugely damaged our foreign policy in ways that are shocking to contemplate."

I see that you don't claim it damaged national security.

It wasn't the leak that damaged our foreign policy - it was what we were DOING that damaged us, when the world found out. But it didn't harm national security.

Comment Posted By Dave Johnson On 15.05.2006 @ 23:20


"the Prosecution cannot and will not show that Plame was "classified,"

That sounds pretty darn atwitter to me.

Comment Posted By Dave Johnson On 14.05.2006 @ 22:04


This incompetence and bureaucratic game playing led directly to the tragedy of 9/11

Possibly receiving an intelligence alert titled, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S." and going on vacation instead of doing anything about it had something to do with it, too?

As to Bush's decision to invade - Remember, there were weapons instpector IN IRAQ AT THE TIME telling us that there were no WMD programs.

So the question is was invading Iraq based on a lie or a mistake? I submit that it doesn't matter - a President who made a mistake of that magnitude - launching a poorly-planned invasion that cost tens of thousands of people their lives and up to a trillion dollars when all the costs are added up, including ongoing medical for Vets, not to mention handing Iraq over to Iran! - should have resigned in disgrace long ago.

Comment Posted By Dave Johnson On 7.04.2006 @ 15:20


Now seriously, can you point to a government operation of any sort that has functioned properly since Bush was elected? Be honest, look at what has happened to the US budget, look at how there has not been a single oversite hearing by the Congress - not even one - and not one veto of pork-loaded bills.

And look at the Abramoff bribery conviction, indictments in the White House for taking bribes, and pending indictments of members of Congress. Look at the whole Reed, Norquist, DeLay thing.

At some point you just have to admit that the whole "conservative movement" thing got corruptd and started using ideology as a cover for corruption and cronyism. Seriously. Absolute power corrupts. And here you are.

WHy not even one oversite hearing by the Congress since Bush was elected?

Comment Posted By Dave Johnson On 20.03.2006 @ 11:42


Actually, everyone already assumed that NSA was monitoring ALL communications OUTside of the US.

Comment Posted By Dave Johnson On 11.01.2006 @ 23:17



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