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I like Sarah Palin and I respect her accomplishments, which is one heck of lot more than I can say for Hillary or Barack.......but..... she's a quitter. NO ONE quits in the middle of a term of office. There is no conceivable non-medical explanation that allows for quitting mid-term and then coming back later seeking a more demanding pubic office. The Presidency would be White-Hot intense in comparison to being the governor of Alaska or running for office, and the public will rightfully believe that she may quit as President when the going gets rough. She has no comeback against that charge......she did,and she is a quitter.

Comment Posted By Dave H. On 16.11.2009 @ 12:35


Heads of Government may bow to Heads of State, 1.e. a Prime Minister may bow to a King or Queen. Only subservient Heads of State bows to another Head of State.... Kings bow only to superior Kings. Obama is our Head of State as well as our Head of Government.

The President of the United States is only, only, only subservient to the American electorate....never to another Head of State or Government. It was totally improper for him to bow to the King of Saudi Arabia, or the Emperor of Japan, or any other Head of State.

The President of the United States of American isn't supposed to be anybody's butt-boy. You'd think he'd have learned that by now.

Comment Posted By Dave H. On 16.11.2009 @ 13:03



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