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Very thought provoking post, Rick. First of all, traditional marriage in America has been blown to bit by straight people long before gay folks wanted to get in the act. Between the divorce rate and couples choosing to live together in a common law situation show that many taboos have been broken. The ideal of a marriage between a husband & wife with children living in a permanent committed relationship is not the reality in much of America today. I believe one of the duties of government is to assess the reality of what is happening on the ground when considering legislation. Today, gay folks are living out in the open, working in the same jobs and are not like the crazy uncle that the family hides in the attic because they're too embarrassed. That is the reality. The taboo has largely been broken although many of us may not want to ride on the float at the Gay Pride Parade. These are our fellow citizens and a serious discussion needs to take place in a logical, open manner. First of all, it has to come through the legislative branch, not through the courts--especially it needs to stay far away from the Supreme Court. I confess though that the arguments (like many social arguments in this nation) seems to be dominated by radicals. There are folks with a radical gay agenda as well as an organized Christian right who seem to be doing all the talking on this matter. The majority is somewhere in the middle.

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If the GOP is going to reach out to minorities--specifically African Americans--they better play the class card rather than the race card. As more and more black people move up the economic ladder of success, wouldn't you think that those black voters would vote with their wallets, rather than identity politics? Middle class blacks have the same hopes, dreams and worries as middle class whites and everybody else. Sorry to learn that Rove was the one to destroy Mehlman's outreach toward African Americans in favor of white Evangelicals. I guess both the Dems and the GOP expect certain groups to be their Sheeple.

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First of all, are you Canadian by the way? You claim conservative bloggers are doing their own whining--- I think not. It's called taking the piss out of someone. They are taking the piss out of Obama and his positions (or lack of them) and his associations because the MSN has done f-all to give any kind of reasonable information on all of this. As has been said--they're doing their best to protect Obama from himself. Hopefully McCain will be rough and tough (in a gentlemanly way, of course) and take the piss out of Obama himself (screw playing nicely in the sandbox of politics--let's bring back the 1800s when there were no holes barred in political debate) Not that I want someone's mamma or wife to be called less than a child of God--but you readers know what I mean.

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Conservatives have despised the NY Times with good reason for ages, but don't you think that more people of whatever political persuasion are getting their news over the net anyway?

"He Hate Me"---- Your comment about liberals not supporting Air America is very on point. Talk Radio is a very different media than reading a newspaper because of the ability to participate. I've only called one in my life, but I do enjoy the banter and comments. Liberals have been bitching and moaning about talk radio for a good few years and when they finally get an opportunity to have their own program they refuse to step up to the plate to salvage it. I guess they still have NPR to console them.

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To Mike Austin,

I have to say, that is a brilliant quip---"Madame, I lost my faith not my reason." I have had dealings with evangelical groups and although I felt they were sincere in their faith, their method always rubbed me the wrong way. In Catholicism, we don't preach on street corners or hand out Bible tracts to those who most likely will throw them in the nearest trash can. The Catholicism of my parents was one of steady example, one of perserverence through trials and tribulation, one of extending kindness, compassion and generosity to another. When an evangelical would question me whether I was saved, I would reply that it was up to God's mercy if I were or were not. They then would want me to recite this prayer and then practically say---now you're saved. Now I know this is a bit simplistic of an explanation, but at the time it is how it appeared to me. Salvation is a process of a lifetime and hopefully by the end of your life you're in a state where you're open to grace and mercy. The instantaneousness of it all left me scratching my head. Hopefully I haven't given up on the process, and Benedict's visit was a nice boost.

Comment Posted By Dave Carl On 22.04.2008 @ 09:51

Good post. My 77 year old mother gets furious at the sight of Bill Maher and wants to throw her shoe at the TV. I just recognize Maher for what he is---a jackass.

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I meant a ratty old bathrobe not bathroom

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I thoroughly enjoyed this post. You are slightly older than myself, but I grew up similarly in Catholicism (probably more indoctrinated and without the parents having any intellectual bent) as yourself. Yup, once a Catholic always a Catholic. I also spent time with a religious order from 14-21 (not an experience I would choose to do over) and that probably fermented me further with Catholic sensibilities. I consider myself something of a borderline Catholic as far as practice goes. About 12 years ago I hung around the Eastern Orthodox for a few years(yup, I guess I have a weakness for smells and bells) but even though I met a lot of nice people there, the sensibilities were different. Catholicism is kind of like that old ratty bathroom you want to throw into the trash heap but just can't get yourself to do it.
Now as far as the Church's position on moral questions, my answer to those who disagree or even rage against them is try to intellectual understand the rationale of where they're coming from. All of these encyclicals have their theological and philosophical bases. They're just not coming out of the Vatican toaster like pop tarts. Now, one is free to hold whatever position one wants to at the end of the day, but please don't call the Church dumb, stupid or assinine because it isn't. I disagree with the RC's on a lot of issues (plus I threw my halo away about 30 years ago) but I do respect the intellectual depth that goes into the formation of these opinions.


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It's not just calling grown men BOY. It's calling a grown black man BOY. If you're from the South you should know the history better than I. And I am far from a Beast Coast (actually that was pretty good) elitist. They live all around me--know the creature well. All in all I was taking the piss out of the Congressman (who really should hav known better)with the goobe comment---but why give the other side more ammo to call white folks racist?

Comment Posted By Dave Carl On 15.04.2008 @ 14:32

Martin Musculus,

You are definitely a pisser! If you and I went out for a few brewskis, I am certain you would have me in stitches.

Be well Dave

Comment Posted By Dave Carl On 15.04.2008 @ 13:12


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