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Then please DO prove that these are mere taunts and come out clearly against them.

Comment Posted By Darleen On 11.11.2006 @ 17:30

I don't hold the Democrats responsible for what the terrorists say.

I DO hold them responsible if they don't disavow the "why" of the terrorist statements and if they aren't clear on how they plan to be different.

IE give us a plan for winning in Iraq rather than having 60 Congressional Dems meeting with McGovern next week to plan on America's surrender and retreat from Iraq by June.

Should I hold Dems to a different standard than I hold moderate Muslims to disavow the radical Islamists?

Comment Posted By Darleen On 11.11.2006 @ 17:01



I have a life, which includes a framework of know what is right or wrong.

aka morality

Why don't you start with the dictionary and branch out from there, eh?

Comment Posted By Darleen On 8.08.2006 @ 02:22



Anyone one here or anywhere that says IF it turns out a crime was committed we should NOT prosecute?

Let's please keep the strawpeople out of the argument, shall we?

Comment Posted By Darleen On 29.05.2006 @ 13:04

Good lord, is the "badges in Iran phoney story" now become a leftist talking point? I see it being used in so many places without any historical background. There WAS a new dresscode enacted into law to distinguish moslems from non-moslems, but how it is to be implemented has not be decided yet --- and for close to THREE HUNDRED YEARS Jews wore forced to wear badges to publicly identify themselves. So excuse if people believed the reports of a Islamist Totalitarian regime that publicly beats the crap out of women who paint their fingernails or let a wisp of hair escape their headscarf of reinstituting laws that existed up until the 1920's.

What is happening now with the Haditha incident is akin to what happens any time a police officer is accused of "brutality". Facts and investigation goes by the wayside in a huge avalanche of "they are all like that!" giddiness. From Murtha playing the Nifong card to the ramblings of "cover up", the anti-military, "anti-war" agenda salivates over any hint of wrong doing. It matters not that US military has been scrupulous to the point of putting their own members at higher risks to avoid civilian casualities ... it matters not that US military personnel have engaged in community efforts in rebuilding schools, hospitals, taking sick and injured Iraqis for medical treatment, working with children, etc ... all that matters is in three years time there might be an incident by which they can preen about the US military being "proven" as full of nothing but "dropouts and losers who can't get real jobs" being turned into "killbots".

Anyone that says such to me is going to get slapped in the face.

Comment Posted By Darleen On 29.05.2006 @ 11:30



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