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"If the only thing you take away from reading this is to have a little more respect for those who don’t agree with you on global warming,"

When there can be a reaosnable debate I do try to render respect, when I have found myself the sole voice on one side of the fence in a seminar, and "debate" consist of shouting me down and trying to silence me, I don't bother anymore

Comment Posted By Dan Kauffman On 3.03.2008 @ 06:55


"Have you heard Eisenhower’s farewell speech? He was a Republican- so you can’t bash him can you?

He warned America that the ‘military-industrial complex’ could become too powerful, and that if left unchecked we could lose our freedoms."

What Eisenhower did not realise was the growth of Left leaning complexs which now far exceed the so called Military/Industrial Complex.

That is why the Democratic Party gets about 90% of all donations of 1 million dollars and up and that is why have made a public statement that they OWN the Democratic Party because the have BOUGHT it?

Can you just imagine the furor that would ensue if a Conservative Bloc funded and directed by a Conservative Billionare made that claim about the Republican Paty,.

No we do not need to worry about our Freedoms and Libertys being taken away by the Military Industrial Complex the Transnational Progressives in the Democratioc Leadership will beat them to it.

Comment Posted By Dan Kauffman On 29.08.2005 @ 00:48

"People are profitting, getting filthy rich off this war- is that a good thing? Why not rearrange things so war is not profitable?"

Not me and I work on landing systems for military aircraft, MY best year was 2001. BEFORE 9/11 and I took a 40% hit in income in 2002. So can you source this claim about getting rich?

Comment Posted By Dan Kauffman On 29.08.2005 @ 00:43



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