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Nice to see Joe Isuzu has found work again!

Comment Posted By DKM On 3.10.2008 @ 23:29


Bill Clinton Sent two Emails during his 8 years as President, worked out pretty well for him.

Chuck, Why so angry?

Comment Posted By DKM On 14.09.2008 @ 02:43

Tim-If Obama is your man, great, no excuses as to why he loses though!

Comment Posted By DKM On 13.09.2008 @ 19:03

Tim- You argument is about class warfare, You seem to think that the Rich are the problem. Why not call people who have obtained success, successful. You don't question Obama's wealth do you, and personally I don't care how much he makes, I only worry about how much I do.

Trying to sell me on Obama cutting taxes for the middle class is complete nonsense. You have no idea what you are talking about, I run a successful business, Coporate taxes are way to high, second highest in the world, and yet Obama want's to raise them more. When you tax corporations, we pass it along to the consumer, and hire less people.

I've listened to Barak, and he can't pay for all the crap he is talking about. We need to cut the size of the government in half, lower corporate taxes, capital gains, and eliminate the death tax. The American people and small businesses are the innovators, not the government, so get the hell out of the way. FYI, more money has poured into the treasury the last 8 years, but we have drunk sailors with their earmark spending and entitlement nonsense.

Comment Posted By DKM On 13.09.2008 @ 19:00

I thought Obama said that Running a campaign gave him the experience to be President. Not sure why he wouldn't have mentioned his incredible resume, since you say its available on Wikipedia or any other non bias site like or something like that. Maybe the press needs to remind us of his accomplishments, or you can try this. Take a package of napkins. Place one napkin on the table, the place the rest next to it. That is the difference in experience between McCain and Obama.

Comment Posted By DKM On 13.09.2008 @ 18:21

Funny how he didn't use that same privilege to get out of Hanoi early, especially after such incredible treatment at the hands of his captors. The same captors who wanted to make sure that he couldn't type when Al Gore invented the internet.

I love your elitism, now you know what Ails the Obama campaign.

"We all clear on who’s who here?"

Thanks for clearing up the experience argument for us, you only need graduate first in your class, and come from a single parent childhood, and you can be president.

" The world is full of educated derilicts"
John Calvin Coolidge.

Comment Posted By DKM On 13.09.2008 @ 17:51

I think it is officially time for the Obama campaign to hit the panic button. Obama's campaign team is starting to look like a political version of the keystone cops. The wounds are self-inflicted, and quite frankly, to numerous for him to be considered a serious candidate, let alone a US senator. McCain's campaign Strategy has been brilliant, fight a defensive battle with your opponent initially, who is better funded, and treated like a rock star. Let him play his cards, then counter attack where your enemy is perceived strong, turning his strengths into weakness. The Palin pick has kept the Obama Camp off balance, and struggling to find a channel to attack. Again after days on the attack against her, the McCain campaign just stayed silent, only building up the moment for her to speak. Instead of fluffing over an acceptance speech, she ridiculed and attacked Obama. It matters not to me whom you are voting for, but if you can see what is going on here, then you aren't paying attention.

" This is where we hold them by the nose, while we kick them in the Ass"
George S Patton.

Comment Posted By DKM On 13.09.2008 @ 17:13


Hot summers:

Yup, it sure seemed hotter when I was a kid, too. I'd spend half an hour getting the big, clunky, noisy metal fan (with the grated cover any kid's fingers could fit through -- man, didn't you just WANT to stick 'em in there and see if it would hurt?) adjusted just so for maximum sleep coverage. You'd lay there and feel the sweat giving way to gravity on every inch of your skin. Yes, sir, it was HOT back in the day here in the Midwest. I mean does anyone even burn holes in fallen leaves with magnifying glasses and the sun anymore?

On the Kos whack-a-doodle:

What can one say? They don't call it Bush Derangement Syndrome for nothing. What will they do with all that pent up lunacy when '08 comes and goes? What/who will be the next object of their delusions? I suppose with that kind of rabid insanity gnawing holes in their brains, they'll have to start eating their own. Whatever, it's going to be fun to watch.

Comment Posted By DKM On 20.07.2007 @ 20:13


Lord have mercy, are you folks serious? Your Clinton revisionist history may work on the main stream media, but I have a better memory. Clinton LIED under oath when he was being SUED for sexual harassment. No one gave a rat's ass about his private life, until it intersected with his criminal behavior and formed a pattern that was relevant to the LEGAL proceedings. THAT is why the Lewinsky testimony was being sought. His "private sphere" was being investigated because he had abused his power with female underlings, and the Lewinsky affair further demonstrated that. He LIED in order to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE.

And back to my original point, Clinton's democrat friends in the media have managed to rewrite history and use the old white out tape on the sexual harassment thing, though Clinton paid nearly a million dollars in damages to make it go away.

Gosh, the left used to take this male privilege, abuse of power stuff seriously. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, at the inconsistency!

Comment Posted By DKM On 12.07.2007 @ 07:48

Ed said:
I no longer see control of the media by the left. Many major news sources are not left leaning, Murdoch’s enterprises, Fox News for example. The MSM, as it has been Rushified, holds a great deal of responsibility for giving a free pass to the Bush Administration on the run up to the Iraq war. Very little investigation into the claims of WMD, the supposed menace to America by Saddam, etc. If that seems a left wing controlled media to you, you perhaps need to think it through a little more.

I have heard this tired argument from just about every lefty I know. You know, and I know, that 9 out of 10 mainstream reporters are not just democrats, but activist democrats. This is a fact shown in study after study of the political leanings of the press. So then the argument goes to corporate ownership of the media, as if these CEOs are leaning over the shoulder of Tim Russert or Wolf Blitzer telling them what to say. It's ridiculous.

A Republican administration is going to have countless charges of politicizing because the politics they bring to the table are not the politics the media likes.

And as to the examples you asked for: Consider coverage of Bill Clinton's pardons vs. Bush's commutation of Libby's sentence.

For that matter, consider the coverage of Libby's "perjury" vs. Clinton's perjury.

Consider the coverage of Bush's SEVEN attorney general firings vs. Clinton firing ALL OF THEM to get rid of two that were investigating his associates.

Consider the non-coverage of Harry Reid's bogus land deals in Nevada and Dianne Feinstein's gross corruption in sending more than $1 billion in military contracts to companies controlled by her husband.

Corrupt democrats get a pass in this media environment, and Republicans get charged with corruption where none exists. It is utterly ridiculous to argue otherwise.

And as to my age, I'm old enough to recognize partisan nonsense when I see it.

Comment Posted By DKM On 11.07.2007 @ 20:46



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