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The incredulous part of the Iraq/Niger uranium story is that no one now contends that Iraq acquired or even attempted to acquire uranium. The sole reason it’s offered up is to try and explain away one of many “mistakes” that were made in going to war upon false evidence. It’s a defense to improper war by saying:

“At the time, we thought they may have been trying to obtain uranium.”

The problem is that it doesn’t fly now and it didn’t fly then. The Downing Street memos articulate British concerns regarding the lack of substance to the claims. The CIA completely discounted the uranium acquisition story and informed the Bush White House of such. Even the dog and pony show “Butler Review” doesn’t refute the CIA, they merely state: “The British intelligence was based upon other sources which the Butler Review, like their government, fails in any way to identify to corroborate the bona fides of their otherwise indefensible assertion.

A both comical and revealing fact itemized by the Butler review paraphrases out to:

“75% of Niger’s exports are uranium, what else could Iraq have possibly initiated a state visit about?”

Page 125, Paragraph 503(b)
Apparently, the “Butler Review” and Scotland Yard have different standards. Then again, maybe not, Scotland Yard did just assassinate a Brazilian in cold blood.

The Identifying characteristic of the Neo Con is the inability, intentional or otherwise, to get the facts straight. It could be intelligence related. It could also be obfuscation related. Neo Con’s don’t like the truth. They hide from it like rats in the recesses of sewers.

Our host in the original post of this thread said that the President of Niger, Mr. Ibrahim Bare, revealed that the Iraqi diplomatic mission of 1999 involved the proposed purchase and sale of uranium. The facts are that an Iraqi diplomat visited Niger on February 8, 1999 during a four nation African diplomatic mission and that an invitation was extended to President Bare to visit Iraq between April 20 thru 30, 1999. President Bare must have acted very quickly to reveal to British Intelligence that the true purpose of the trip was to purchase uranium, because he passed away on April 9th of 1999 and the visit never occurred.
Page 124, Paragraph 502
Butler Review

All of which is highly quizzical, because Iraq has the ability to mine it’s own uranium and has mined its own uranium.

You can tell a Neo Con by how foot loose and fancy free they play with the facts in serious situations. It isn’t about right with them. It’s about their way. It’s about their agenda. Zealots are always to be kept a close eye upon. Facts aren’t important to them. I knew it was Bullshit the instant I read it, but then I’ve developed a formidable bullshit detector, compliments of the Bush Administration.

I consider this matter closed. It’s time to wait and see if spin can work in criminal court.



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