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Too bad for RWNH that Ginsgburg does not share the same level of contempt for the rest of the world and not treat it like some vague abstract.

But of course, Hindraker 'nails it' by implying "foreign law" would automatically entail "Muslim Law".
China leads the world in executions -not exactly a hotbed of Islam -but it is a major trading partner with the U.S. Maybe Assrocket may want to tame his rhetorical flourishes.

Yet in this same post theres the cynical mention of the Hague's handling Milosovec. Okay, maybe this guy should instead be railroaded to the gallows instead of given any trial, right?

Well? Which is it, slick? The lynch mob or the gavel?

By all means, please -please start the rally to impeach Ginsburg. You'll succeed admirably in removing any remote facade of legitimacy over your ill informed if not idiotic agenda.

Comment Posted By DDT On 16.03.2006 @ 18:03



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