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It is much worse than indifference. If you read the British comments on the web, many feel that Britain got what it deserved for standing with the US in Iraq.

We should all recall that Lord Nelson at Cadiz / Cape Trafalger signaled the Royal British fleet that "England expects that everyman will do the utmost not to do anything that will upset the French or Spanish fleets" thereby avoiding an ugly confrontation with Napoleon's naval forces. Nelson pointed out later that the area was really Spanish territory and the British Fleet had no business being there in the first place. Who was to say that peace-loving France or Spain did not have the right to have a powerful navy that could strangle England? Why should only England have a navy capable of controlling the seas? This unhappy situation where Napoleon wanted to conquer Britain was only resolved when King George issued a very strong statement that things would be taken to a "different phase" if Napoleon did not stop attacking Britain. Recognizing the errors of his ways and the righteous gentleness of the British people, Napoleon ceased all hostilities and voluntarily exiled himself to St Helena. Britain went on to live in peace with Europe until the United States dragged the peace-loving British into a disastrous war with Germany in 1914. Long live the Queen - as long as we don't have to defend her.

Comment Posted By DCM On 28.03.2007 @ 15:39


I don’t agree with the “We broke it. It’s our responsibility to fix it” statement. Anti-Bush, anti-war sentiments aside, Iraq was broken before we got there. It may have been working for Saddam and whoever he favored at the moment, but all of the underlying problems were there when we came. We can help the Iraqis fix Iraq but we can’t fix it in spite of them. I think we should help them for a number of reasons, some altruistic and some selfish, but I don’ think we have an obligation to do so on the argument that “we broke it”. We didn’t. If some bastards casn blow up the hospitals, schools, water treatment plants and other infrastructure faster than we can build them that’s not our fault.

As for “cajoling, pleading, begging the international community to put aside their distaste for our invasion and occupation and recognize that only with a concerted effort on the part of all can innocent lives be saved”, the international community doe really care about the ordinary Iraqi and relishes the problems we are having in Iraq way too much to provide any help to them since it might help us out too.

To blame the problem the alleged lack of “steadfast and bold leadership from the United States” is mostly wrong since the much of the American people and the MSM do not support the lesser efforts of the current leadership.

Comment Posted By DCM On 22.03.2007 @ 13:53



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