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Flyerhawk -- I agree. As I said one, maybe two... but the list is much longer than that. And I was speaking more broadly than Ayers. His relationship with Reverend Wright is much more current. As is his relationship with Rezko.

Gurldoggie -- I guess the arguement to that would be that Obama didn't just "shake hands" with these people. They were important figures in his life.

Thanks for the honest answers. :)

Comment Posted By DBO On 7.10.2008 @ 15:35

So seriously... all of the people on this blog that have said they are supporting Obama... you have no problem with his past associations? Not even a twinge? I understand maybe one... maybe two... but the list of people who have 'mentored' or been otherwise influential in Obama's life and have a less than savory reputation is pretty lengthy. That doesn't give you pause at all?

I am really not trying to stir up trouble or get people riled up. I just truly don't understand how you can discount this with a 'oh, those smear-minded right-wing nuts making a big deal out of nothing'. An honest look at the subject, bias removed, has to at least make an objective person question Obama's judgement.

Comment Posted By DBO On 7.10.2008 @ 14:55

I agree with Dr. L above. McCain needs to point out the connection between Obama and the Fannie/Freddie mess. The amount of campaign money he has received and his employment of Franklin Raines to his campaign. I think because it is current and can be tied back to the economic mess we're in, it will be more effective.

Although I have to say that a guy that wouldn't even pass the background check to be a secret service employee because of his radical associations hardly belongs in the oval office. I think his friends/associates/business partners are a BIG deal and speak volumes about his judgement or lack thereof... but maybe the connection to Fannie/Freddie will play better with the rest of the public.

Comment Posted By DBO On 7.10.2008 @ 12:05

I think that we assume people actually get more than just what CBS, ABC, etc are spewing. I have asked several acquaintances what they think about Rezko, Ayers, et al. and I usually get blank looks. Not one person has heard about these people and the type of radicalism that they represent. I forget how much I read online and hear on talk radio. If you are a person that gets their news strictly from the LA Times and CNN, you wouldn't have a clue because they are sheltering "The One".

Scary. These people vote and are voting for Obama. Seriously... can we institute some kind of simple test that people have to pass before voting? Like five easy questions... who is the current president, speaker of the house, secretary of state, etc? I don't know... probably dumb, but it seems like you should have to at least prove you have been paying attention before you can affect the direction in which our country is headed.

Comment Posted By DBO On 7.10.2008 @ 09:06


Which is why I clarified it as "my opinion". :)

Comment Posted By DBO On 19.09.2008 @ 09:43

Back on topic... I know plenty of people who do not know how to use a computer. This does not make them stupid. My father is a brilliant, self-made man who does not know how to do much more than push the on button on his computer. (The only reason they have a computer is so my mother can get frequent pictures of her grandchildren. :) Priorities. hehe) But anyway, the older generation in this country may not be computer savy, but if you would take the time to talk to them you would find they are far from ignorant.

I am constantly amazed at the topics that get discussed with regards to who is the better candidate. Can't we just have politicians that present a platform and we, the people, decide which direction we prefer and vote accordingly? I hate the pandering... from both sides! Say what you mean! Do what you say! If the American people don't choose to elect you, don't take it personally. We aren't voting against Barack the person, but rather Barack's policies and direction he would like to take the country. Same for McCain.

Our government is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people, for the people. It's not a vote for prom king. This is OUR government. WE get to decide where we want our country headed. I couldn't care less that Barack went to Harvard or McCain graduated in the bottom of this class. This is about the platform and the direction they plan to take our country. I just want a politician to tell us what they will do and let the people decide on policies/plans alone! I know... utopian, but a girl can dream... :)

PS... one last note... McCain served in the military, Barack has not. That, in my opinion, should be a prerequisite for anyone running for CIC. But that's another topic... :)

Comment Posted By DBO On 15.09.2008 @ 15:41


So it seems to me that there are very few people actually happy with the two nominees. Is our system broken? How could we come up with candidates that the majority of Americans are, at best, tolerating?

I am also in the boat of voting for McCain only to keep Obama out of office. He has no experience and I have zero confidence in his ability as CIC when he has been trying to lead us to defeat since the very beginning of the war on terror.

McCain has many scary aspects too. I HATE, repeat HATE his immigration stance. Him being from Arizona I am shocked that he can't see what it has done to his constituancy. I visit southern California every year (kids... S. Cal = Disneyland) and there are now officially more billboards / signs in spanish than in english. Even the McDonalds menu was in spanish. I feel like I'm not even in America anymore. Makes me sad.

But anyway... I digress. There has always been talk of third party candidates, but everyone feels like it is a wasted vote. I feel like if ever there was a time for a third party, this is it. Sadly, I don't know how much traction a person could get with the media being in the tank for the Big O, but seems to me like its past time to start thinking outside the Republican/Democrat box.

Comment Posted By DBO On 28.07.2008 @ 11:56



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