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From my perspective, hunkafunk's post was loaded with insults directed at anyone who subscribes to a mindset other than his own, along with a heavy dose of conceit & condescension With that post as evidence, I'd have to say this guy is a self-obsessed, elitist jerk with a big bad superiority complex.

He didn't "tag" Rick at all; he didn't even offer an original argument. All he did was critique the original opinion piece, just like a college professor would. And he did so by offering his own opinions as fact, which reflects the mindset of most liberals I have met. Conservatives have opinions, which are all wrong, but liberals have the truth; that's why liberals are always morally superior to conservatives!

If the guy wants an honest and serious reply, he should try writing an honest post, free of insults and indicative of an open mind.

Comment Posted By D-man On 10.03.2006 @ 15:15



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