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First mistake.

"OK, so you say that Obama is a ginormous pussy faggot bitch who will get sodomized by all of the big bad men out there. Tell us then, what McCain will do. Realistically."

This is not about whether Big Bad Jon or Obama, the limp wristed pussy, will deal with it better. The damage is already done. Their reactions right now are nothing more than lip service. Neither camp has fielded a solution that is even worth mentioning. In addition, neither one is President yet, so other than election rhetoric their responses are insignificant. So, get over the partisan bull$hit, get some therapy for being too sensitive, and get realistic. The Russians are making a grab at international power through their old tactics. If that does not concern you then you are at best myopic.

Second mistake.

"The military isn’t an option."

Military action my not be an option, but military presence is. A huge naval presence with a MEU landing in one of the port cities for "humanitarian" assistance would make the Russians balk. Set up a safe zone with in the city for anyone, including South Osettians and Georgians alike. The Russians are in no position to risk all out warfare with the United States and it is about time we call their bluff. Remember it was Nikita who had to calm down Kennedy with Cuba, not the other way around. The Russians get nervous about an aggressive America, they do not like to be challenged by a country that has equal or superior firepower and they know that even if we are "bogged down" in Iraq, we can redeploy our forces quicker than or as quick as they can. They do not want another Chechnya in their backyard with the United States involved in it, just like we don't want another Iraq. Plain and simple we need to let the Russians know that they will not have carte blanche in the Caucasus.

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Never knew that protecting and honoring a fledgling democratic state was hawkish. Beyond the oil there are more far reaching implications to be thought of. The first is America's image to the rest of the small countries who broke away from Russia in this region. These are people who in the recent years that have grown to respect and love the U.S. They have felt a great debt of gratitude to this country for its commitment to them against Russian tyranny. Now, there will be no trust in the U.S. and Russia can make massive gains in the Caucasuses. Georgia was what one might call the shining beacon in this area and we sat idly by while they got overrun and bullied. Now did Georgia screw up by taking the bait? Yes they did and they acted impetuously, but their backs were against a wall. We should have done more and need to do more against Russia. The last thing we need is a swaggering and arrogant Russian state which has empowered itself against the West through Georgia. Plus our resolve is now going to be questioned by people who trusted us as well as our enemies. Hopefully we can come up with a solution, the Georgian people are worthy of our support and we need to do more.


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