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Hundreds of thousand/millions of past and current DoD employees carry clearances (and national secrets) throughout their lives never once inappropriately revealing those secrets to anyone, including their closest family members. I can forgive the Times personnel. They have proven time and again to be terminally stupid and don't know any better. However, the people who are leaking these secrets know better. They could have walked into any one of several Inspector General offices and asked to speak to someone holding the appropriate clearance. They could have even walked into the closest FBI office and asked to speak to a cleared agent. I can't think of any circumstance that will ever warrant leaking classified information to a newspaper. These leakers know this. They need to be hunted down and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That is the only way to stop this crap.

Comment Posted By Cranal Retentive On 5.01.2006 @ 18:05



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