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I find it interesting that "The Big Bang" is brought up. I believe in ID. I also believe in "The Big Bang". Strangely enough, Big Bang and ID go hand in hand. One instant, absolutely NOTHING and in the next you have a bang that creates EVERYTHING that will ever be. Hmmm, seems like the way I read the bible account. Calm down and keep reading.

Prevailing science tells us this is true. Everything is traced back to an instant in time when there was nothing and suddenly there was everything. How? All of this complexity suddenly appeared from nothingness; not a bunch of stuff became something, but that nothing became everything. Forget about even trying to get to evolution, the simple fact that such a huge hole is created right from the beginning should have us wanting to look at plausible explanations. An intelligent designer seems a lot more plausible than everything popping out of nothing. It's just not very palatable to most scientists.

One such scientist, Stephen Hawking, arguably one of the greatest theoretical physiscists and mathematicians of all time has recognized this gaping hole. In fact, he has commented that if Big Bang is true, the existence of a Creator is a foregone conclusion. He has such a problem with that, he is out chasing a bunch of half-cocked theories that can't even come close to explaining the start of the universe.

I say follow science and stop trying to hide behind it. If you truly follow it, you will find, just as Stephen Hawking is concluding, that there must be a Creator or Intelligent Designer. That doesn't sit with Mr. Hawking and it doesn't seem to sit with most of you. What are you so afraid of?

I trust in my God. I trust enough to follow where science takes me. Science has only strengthened my faith in a heavenly Creator. You don't appear to have the same trust in your science. If you do, why won't you follow it to its conclusion?? Or, maybe, just like Mr. Hawking, you have followed it to its conclusion and you just don't like it. So, you will continue searching for your own conclusion! Best of luck to you.

Comment Posted By Craig C. On 3.08.2005 @ 14:38



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