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Students in Belleville school bus attack are charged

Comment Posted By Cool Cool Waters On 18.09.2009 @ 18:09

The amount of hyperbole in that snippet could fill the Superdome. There are so many straw men set up by Limbaugh (make sure you read the rest of this priceless rant), that one would think he was holding open auditions for the part of the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.. Outright falsehoods, gross and unfair exaggerations, and the preposterous notion that Obama is responsible makes this sarcastic, bombastic, idiotic nonsense the reason that thinking people should not listen to Rush Limbaugh - ever. He makes my head hurt and my bowels churn when he takes off like this.

Mr. Moran would strengthen his position immeasurably if he actually provided quotes of Mr. Limbaugh's for each of these assertions, rather than just assuring us that these statements were all made as Mr. Moran characterizes them.

Just instructing the readers to go an find these samplings for themselves is intellectually lazy and does not present an argument sufficiently well to carry all these points.

Comment Posted By Cool Cool Waters On 17.09.2009 @ 16:11



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