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I hate to say this but Hugh has a book to sell, and it ain't called "Paint the Town Blue." We are not doing well, and I hope there is a kernel of truth to what Hugh has to say, but you can't expect Bill Gates to talk down the software industry.

Comment Posted By Concerned Citizen On 7.05.2006 @ 14:43


The reason the internet is going left because its the last medium that they have left what with television and broadcasting companies in the hands of corperate america. Everyone is plugged into television stations that are ultimately influenced by those rightwing corperate agenda's.

"Fox news gives you both sides of the story, the president's side, and the vice president's side" - stephen colbert

I love how all these local news devisions for fox and other news companies of the like spend 90 percent of their air time with cute stories about someone breeding puppies down the street, or the cool new phone that some company is releasing, and ignoring stories that matter, like how i was watching q 13 fox local news where they quickly mentioned that a major hotel company had its "laptop" stolen that contained all the private information of its customers, conveiniently reported 2 months after it was stolen, then they went on to do a 10 minute piece on a local cat breeder in redmond washington...

Filtering the real news so that it never gets to the viewers is a commen trend you see alot today. Kinda like how china stops people from visiting certain websites. But then again unfortunelty the most un-biased and relative news is found on the internet, but is immediately discredited by most people because "anything can be posted on the internet" so it cant be trusted. right? isnt that just perfect.

How bout you take an afternoon to surf some good internet resources and just take in facts, now this is gonna be hard for many of you, but take these facts, ignore what bill o riley says on the tv, and form your own opinion based on the facts, logic, and reasonable argument, throw that in with some compassion for your fellow human beings, and you just might realize how messed up this country is and where its going.

Comment Posted By concerned citizen On 20.07.2006 @ 02:08



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