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Gosh Rick, It's not all that clever to throw up a post claiming John Cole is wrong about you practicing false eqivalence and then proceed to do just that.

When top US Senators and Congressmen go around validatinng "Death Panels" "birtherism" Socialism, marxism and about every other nutty ism's, then throwing up post with a sign of Bush as Hitler from some past anti war march as equal is the very essence of what Cole is talking about.

Your side has just gone nuts, from top to bottom. We have ours, but you have to search to find them and they sure aren't top elected officials, or primary pundits, blogs, or whatever..

Comment Posted By Comrade Stuck On 8.09.2009 @ 19:42


What I am saying is that your side has nothing to offer. No ideas, no force of intellect, only crazy "death panel" "Nazism" talk and apologists like yourself who give us platitude of "all of us aren't that way" smush. And concern trollery of "yes we did it" but two wrongs don't make it right.

And what I am taking home, is the power to make changes without your participation thru superior majorities in congress and the WH. The same way your GWB did for 8 years. Maybe dems will suffer the same type of fail and the people will give your side another chance. I don't think so, but who knows.

But just quit whining about no bipartisanship and win some elections if you don't like what is going on. Big boy rules. And repudiate those on the right who talk of gunplay and armed resistance. Then we can debate.

Comment Posted By Comrade Stuck On 19.08.2009 @ 15:54

However, I am not defending it. It’s a loophole that should never be utilized. It was wrong then, and its wrong now. “It’s dem’s turn”? Please don’t justify bad behavior by pointing out other bad behavior.

Healthcare reform is just as budget related, or even more so than tax cuts. Tax cuts did nothing to reduce the deficit, in fact because they were directed mostly at the rich, they actually ballooned the deficit. Obama believes as do I, that unless we interject some sanity into the market with some actual competition, the greed and avarice of health care profiteers will bankrupt the nation.

As to not using the RP out of some noble effort by dems to do right instead of doing equal wrong with the GOP. I will say this. If dems don't use a rule equally as the GOP then imbalance will result to the overall body politic.

I simply do not care anymore what repubs say or hope. They lie about everything and make false notions of bipartisanship, then bring guns to dem political events and threaten to shut down the government if they don't get their way. I have no more desire to debate them on any level about anything.

Comment Posted By Comrade Stuck On 19.08.2009 @ 13:19

Funny that. Republicans thus far have been the only one's to use your so-called "Armageddon Option". Two of Bush's tax cuts among those times. Now it's dems turn, if they can't get 60 votes to beat the filibuster. Crybaby repubs are calling foul. As was said earlier. Bring it on.

Comment Posted By Comrade Stuck On 19.08.2009 @ 10:12


Good to see your back on yur wingnut game today, Rick. This "Marxist Thug" happens to be the elected president of Nicaragua, you know, that democracy thing you claim the US made possible Central and South America with. You should have stopped with the understated admission of post Monroe Doctrine meddling on that continent as causing the folks their problems, which are legion, and actually are the main source of poverty. Why? Because of our 200 year relentless support of right wing thug juntas and their Oligarch masters, all toward making conservative US business interests an exploitive dollar.

Get honest here. You just don't like the ideology of the Ortega's and Chavez's who once again are only two guys the majority of their respective citizens supported enough to vote into power. It's called democracy, deal with it. Just about the entirety of SA population are pissed at our abhorent behavior meddling in their politics for some 200 years now.

And as a final insult, the American Right disparages the leaders latinos have made democratically, while paternalistically claiming they brought democracy to these ungrateful heathens.

And Obama promised to listen, and not get into juvenile pissing matches with tiny countries leaders to drum up knew enemies for right wing consumption.

**At least the Sandinista revolution was largely bloodless, which could not be said of our guy Somoza's reign of terror.

Ortega and the second major party made a corrupt deal and fused their lists. The reason is simple; both the Sandinistas and the Constitutional Liberty Party wanted to plunder the treasury by enriching themselves and their cronies. Not only that, since Ortega could never get more 40% of the vote or so, part of the deal was to lower the threshold for election from 45% to 35%. He got 38% against a slate of weak candidates.

And I've got news for ya - ask the Mestizo Indians in the north how bloodless the Sandinistas were. Somoza and his 15,000 national guardsmen pale in comparison to the Sandinistas and their 800,000 man army that brutally suppressed the opposition as well as systematically killing the indians in the north who opposed the Marxist agricultural plans of Ortega and his black shirted thugs.

And the fact that we did indeed promote democracy under three presidents - Reagan, Bush, and Clinton - seems lost on you and your ilk. The people of Latin America are freer and wealthier today than they have ever been thanks to the US. Our trade policies are the most liberal in the hemisphere. It is not our fault that the people keep electing Chavez, Morales, and the Ortegas who then strip the people of their freedom as cleanly and as efficiently as any right wing thug we ever supported.

Not looking at both sides of the issue brands you as a partisan hack.


Comment Posted By Comrade Stuck On 20.04.2009 @ 08:21


Kudos to you Mr. Moran. Especially in thinking past your nose on the insect question and the shallow denial of those who think a little insect plus phobia in a "containment box" is a harmless equation. Room 121 was open for business at the OLC and Bush WH. Thank God it is now closed and will be harder to re-open now that we know the truth.

Comment Posted By Comrade Stuck On 17.04.2009 @ 07:41


I guess the messaging for this was "We Don't Like Paying Taxes" as if anybody does, followed by "We also don't like what Liberals spend our taxes On". I think most Americans kinda new that already. The laughable part is the line that it wasn't partisan and we don't like Bush or republicans either. But we just forgot to say so when our guy was in power.

The only success I see is it gives the right wingers something to rally around the campfire, and hopefully, signals the end of the great Obama birth certificate Snipe Hunt. Though somehow I doubt it.

Comment Posted By Comrade Stuck On 16.04.2009 @ 11:26



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