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"If you believe that it does, then ask yourself what kind of country you will have at the end of it? Will it be the kind of country you can live in with pride? Or will history itself remember us with scorn and derision for abandoning the very principals we were fighting to protect."

I submit that it's the social degradation of the last few decades that has led to the "Soldiers Gone Wild" of today, not the other way around. Can you imagine Lindy England, ciggy in lips, pointing her finger-guns at a naked Nazi in 1943? Of course not.

Regardless of our treatment of prisoners (and I am on record as saying that Muslim Fundies who choose to pray that they will be called to murder infidels have given up ALL their rights by that choice), our society won't even notice a blip in their freak-ometer when our soldiers are returned to normal life. It's already maxed out.

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