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p.s. You people who think that authors should censor their works to avoid offendintg are just as abd as the PC crowd. Indeed, you have become the PC crowd. “Don’t offend anyone with reality” is fundamentally American. I hope Webb and others continue to stand up against the NeoPuritan censors and knowitalls who want to pretty-up even gory ggrimy experiences like Vietnam. If they had their way, there’d be no Full Metal Jacket or Platoon.

Has the GOP (doesn't mean Conservatives btw) become the party of political correctness, censorship and puritanism? How totally unamerican and anti-American.

God help us. PC from both extreme left and the extreme right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment Posted By CommonSense On 28.10.2006 @ 08:03

p.s. Indeed, Bush and Cheney are far closer to Stalin than they are to Reagan -- who would be appalled at their hatred and dismantling of the one thing that is the ESSENCE of America -- freedom. This wiretapping, torture-mongering, "permanent one-party rule" cleptocracy is profoundly anti-American.

Comment Posted By CommonSense On 27.10.2006 @ 19:35

"If the “ugliness” of politics is too hard – then get out of it. It’s not going to get sweeter before Nov 7th."

No you get out. This isn't your ugly politic smackdown. This is American democracy, a glorious thing, not a dirty GOP pigstyle, and some of us actually care about the issues, like Americans getting slaughtered on a daily basis in Iraq. You debase and demean and disgrace this great country by your cutthroat, win-at-all costs thug tactics which are more befitting a KGB like Putin than an American.

Comment Posted By CommonSense On 27.10.2006 @ 19:33

From NRO:

Lost Soldiers [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
Would this be a bad time to mention that John McCain wrote a blurb for it ?
Posted at 10:46 AM

LOL. McCain endorsed the book, but now it's evil. Maybe if Allen, Bush, Cheney and the rest of the GOP had actually gone to Vietnam, they might not be such ignoramuses.

Comment Posted By CommonSense On 27.10.2006 @ 17:32

Come on - Webb didn't make up the practice. It is in fact a Cambodian one, and it is NOT SEXUAL. Just like Judeo Christian circumcision isn't S&M sexual abuse either.

This is ignorant, shameless hypocrisy. But it's what we've come to expect from Allen.

Comment Posted By CommonSense On 27.10.2006 @ 17:17



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