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It seems that the vast majority of you are either unwilling or unable to engage with anyone with whom you disagree on the level of substance rather than personal attack. Seriously, look at all of your commentary above, as well as Coulter's, and you will find that that is all that is there. It's very obvious that this strategy (ad hominem attack), while not particularly admirable, works to influence a very large portion of the population. Given this, it should not be a surprise when your opponents go to great lengths to attempt to innoculate their message (on any given issue) from such non sequitor distracting attacks by attempting to select spokespersons on whom such attacks are more likely to reflect poorly in the public's eye.

In other words, if you folks actually had a single debating strategy other than ad hominem attack then you would have no trouble at all arguing with widows, war veterans or grieving mothers.

Comment Posted By Cogito Ergo Suffrago On 7.06.2006 @ 17:41



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