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You may be right.

You may know quite a bit more about the inner workings of Barack Obama's brain than I do.

But... aside from your insight into Barack Obama's psyche... is there anything in his record -- things he's actually done -- that supports this?

Is there a history of him refusing to associate with someone because they were too anti-American or too leftist or communist or Marxist or socialist or whatever?

Is there a history of him voting against a bill or speaking against a proposal because it's too anti-American or too leftist or communist or Marxist or socialist or whatever?

Or is your assessment of his beliefs based purely on your deep insight into his psyche?

I'd love to believe your assessment -- give me a straw to grasp.

Comment Posted By Clint On 9.10.2008 @ 23:20


"We are, after all, talking about a small gesture that if the Chinese do indeed get their nose all bent out of shape because of it, only prove themselves to be unworthy of any approbation for having “come so far” as a nation."

Wow. That just sounds weird (or dare I say it, liberal?).

What does it matter whether the Chinese are "worthy" of our respect -- the better question is: What can we gain by insulting them?

My guess: We gained something more by not insulting them. We gained North Korea's big step forward in the nuclear negotiations.

Comment Posted By Clint On 7.07.2008 @ 19:38


Gotta first thought upon reading your post was the current situation in Germany, where all images of the swastika are banned, even in textbooks, etc. Declaring an image to be beyond the bounds of good taste, or banning it altogether, is dangerous, and the first step towards its falling down the memory hole.

As a cartoonist myself, I think Muir's use of the blackface image is spot on. Hillary was behaving like she WAS in a minstrel show.

Context is everything...his usage was the perfect visual shorthand to CONDEMN her behavior. Implied in the cartoon is a criticism of the minstrel show tradition. Saying a cartoonist shouldn't draw a particular image is the same thing as saying that a writer (such as yourself) shouldn't be allowed to mention a particular idea or concept.

How then if I declared that you shouldn't type the words 'minstrel show', context be damned, because I was offended by it?

(Love your blog, by the way...It's a shame I waited until I disagreed with you to comment :)

Comment Posted By Clint On 26.04.2007 @ 14:43



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