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The Tea Party Movement is an American tradition. It comes from a tradition of local home rule, and individual interests were more important than are community interests. That led to a more involved citizen, through town hall meetings and even vigilante movements. The Tea Party Movement is but an extension of these American traditions and perfectly correct. It is what the elite few who want to rule the many, as the current Democrat Party and many old-line Republicans, would oppose. The differences are cited in the Changing Face of Democrats, Our Libertarian Roots Lost, on Amazon and

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Vote for Change?
Are we bored with what direction we, as a nation, are taking, or are we angry at it, so much that we need change? If we decide we no longer want to drive our cars on the right side of the road, preferring to go left, like most of the Old World, is that the kind of change we seek. Perhaps it is like the fellow who changed the way he combed his hair, parting it from ear to ear instead of front to back. When asked how he liked it, he said it was fine except when people whispered into his nose.

For over sixty years, America has been on a road to change, abandoning its founding principles for something opposite. As we moved further on that road to change, our individual freedoms have vanished, favoring a community-interest based form that gives elected leaders and appointed bureaucrats more decision-making influence on the way we live our lives. The results have proven dismal. We are openly threatening to punish those who create, invent, build and manufacture things people want and are willing to buy. We tax them and regulate them to discourage them from remaining in America. The idea some work hard, produce and are paid for it is challenged by the envious who are not rewarded for their lesser effort and contribution. Are the desired changes a more accelerated run onto a conversion back to Old World ways where the few elite rule the many? It would appear this is true, by how Democrats are campaigning for change, openly suggesting bigger government and smaller people.

The greatest change in the world was what started in America almost 400 years ago, when individual freedom was established. That change tore the world into two parts, where the majority lived under the few who ruled and the other side, America, lifted into an orbit of individual, family and community prosperity through freedom. That change, allowed to spread, could have changed the whole world for the better. The side where the few ruled fought back and waged war on America to rid the world of individual freedom. They have succeeded in taking control of the Democrats and even some so-called moderate Republicans, in order to bring about the change they have worked so hard to bring about. The 2008 elections will be a testimonial to their success at eliminating America’s founding principles and individual liberty finally. 2008 will define the change Americans want now.

The best change of all would be getting off the fast track to the left and getting back to the right side, what America alone has proven the best kind of life for all. That would be a change of direction, but not the change so eagerly sought by those campaigning for President today.

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