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The rule of law is the principal dividing line between our great nation and those of petty tyrants and anarchists. To claim that an official is elected in an illegal manner, without substnatial proof, only scorns the very fabric which binds our people together.

If Obama wins, he will be my President. And I will support him in causes that I agree and oppose him, legitimately, in areas where we disagree. I have a congressman with whom I vehemently disagree, but he is my congressman and thus will I respect the rule of law and campaign to change my condition, under the law.

Comment Posted By Citizen Deux On 14.10.2008 @ 13:13


It is Washington's contributions and sacrifice as commander of the continental army which is truly his legacy. He established, first and foremost, the responsibility of a nation's military to respond to civilian control. The segment of history detailed above only further enhances his status as a man of unfailing principle and honor. Given the fact that his personal wealth and staus would have allowed him to continue quite nicely under British rule, his vision enabled him to risk all for the promise of the land in whihc we now live.

I would like to honor him in a meaningful way. I would gladly trade any holiday for a deeper analysis of the effects and actions of the founding fathers. Too little of this is brought to our students. Or worse, it is diluted with a comingling of side players whose importance is overblown in the scheme of our national history.

Comment Posted By Citizen Deux On 18.02.2008 @ 09:18


Holy smokin donuts! A lot of analysis but few answers. Rick has a good, sincere post. I respect his opinions and find some things to agree with in them. However, the problem is that Iraq is inextricably linked with the wider war with the Islamo-Fascist Alliance. This cabal (with Syria and Iran as the state actors) is poised to execute its four basic goals, restore the Caliphate, impose Sharia law, destroy Israel, and subjugate (read kill/enslave/convert) all non-believers.

Iraq, I beleive, presented the United States an entry into this conflict on IFA home turf. There was no cause for going into Iran, Afghanistan had worked out better than planned and Syria was countered by Israel. Once in the country, we discovered how truly rotten were the state of affairs of that nation. Short of tearing down the house completely (partitioning the land into three governing areas), we had to make a go at saving a building well on its way (prior to our arrival) to full conflagration.

I am not sure if the sectarian violence is good or bad (in a strategic sense). The Sunnis and Shiites must come to some reconciliation for many, many years of bad blood. It will not come smoothly, quickly or be forced. It will take the route of intermarriages, business partnerships and sheer will of the people. Our presence can ONLY be that of a facilitator. No matter how many troops we impose on the region, only time and opportunity will win the day. OUr commitment in the Balkans has past the 10 year mark with continued work yet to do.

Iraq is no different, save that it provides a buffer against Iran and a place for the Mideast to experience the rewards and consequences of real political choice.

Comment Posted By Citizen Deux On 21.08.2006 @ 15:00


Yes, Virginia, we are at war.

What the hell are the "fantasists" thinking? I would dearly love for everything to be "alright" and no psychotic, Koran thumping nightmare from the Hindu-Kush to not be planning on distributing the remains of 500 of my fellow humans to the rolling North Atlantic.

But, alas, things are not alright. We are locked in a struggle with a group so vile and despicable, that they will use ANY means to intimidate and terrify the populations of the EWF (Enlightened FRee World) to support their four doctrines.

Implement Sharia.

Restore the Caliphate

Eradicate Israel

Death / Slavery to all non-believers

Just another day in the IFA (Islamo-Fascist Alliance)

Comment Posted By Citizen Deux On 11.08.2006 @ 14:41


Just anopther reminder of the merciless lens that has become the internet. When you f*** up, it's forever...

Comment Posted By Citizen Deux On 13.06.2006 @ 14:32


Iran presents a threat not just in the potential acquisition of nuclear arms, but in the very seminal world that they are even now exporting terrorism to the rest of the world. It is known that they are the funding behind Hezbollah and should we ever kick over the rock on their archives, we will likely find them behind efforts to destabilize Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world.

We saw the effects from the tanker wars in the 80s on our oil flow. Any action against Iran would definitely push up oil proces, but I think we often underestimate the capability of our military. I certainly hope there is sufficient pressure from within to alter their behavior. Lord knows their economy is in a shambles. I do not advocate such action against Iran, however, until they demonstrate a willingness to "play nice" we must keep the sword loose in the scabbard.

Comment Posted By Citizen Deux On 5.04.2006 @ 14:51


Well, at least the Dems have proven themselves distinctly un-lemminglike as they resiliently failed to follow Feingold's lead for censure.

Comment Posted By Citizen Deux On 15.03.2006 @ 16:11



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