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This is a brilliantly insightful piece Rick. Thank you.

I see almost the same conflict with personal privacy and security. A slightly modified version of your last paragraph expresses this quite well.

...everything you wish to accomplish for [security] that will unburden our lives and supposedly make them [safer] also involves a price that we pay in [personal privacy]. And it disturbs me that I hear nothing about how that affects the manner in which liberty is diminished and we become that much farther removed from our roots as a people who valued freedom more than life itself.

I believe that your thesis and privacy are so closely intertwined that they cannot be separated without the others undoing.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 28.01.2009 @ 14:42


If anyone is interested, here is the Hubble Heritage gallery of truly awesome images, one of my favorite bookmark visits...

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 26.01.2009 @ 17:04



That doesn’t require a time machine, only Republicans who have decided to make sure the public knows which soon-to-be discredited party and president owns this massive fraud.

I'm not sure which discredited party, or massive fraud you're referring to. There have been so many lately, it's kinda hard to tell.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 28.01.2009 @ 13:46


but all the propaganda in the world can’t make someone who is unemployed or underemployed not realize the stupid economic mistakes the Democrats are about to make caused it.

Your hypothesis would require a time machine.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 27.01.2009 @ 19:14


I'm done. You win.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 27.01.2009 @ 12:02


You know Chuck, just when I think that you can’t be anymore of a lunatic, you prove me wrong.

I was inspired by US Marine Major General S. Darlington Butler. One of the most decorated US Marines in the history of the corps, including two medals of honor. I was echoing his wisdom. Incidentally, he is one of the people who informed congress and FDR of the so called Business Plot.

One of my favorite pastimes is utterly destroying your attempts at logic and reason. This includes your use of logical fallacy, canned talking point responses, and ad hominem attacks.

Your simpleton analogies and backwards reasoning (see college student example) make sense only to you, and a few like minded people. They are so far removed from reality that it actually makes me cringe. Think about what you've just done... you've equated torture with fraternity hazing. I know that comparison will never sink in with you, but it's so intellectually dishonest that most people couldn't even bring themselves to joke about it.

You proceed to suggest that I'm a communist, or socialist, or whatever other bobble head name springs to mind to denigrate me in a public forum in order to bolster your simplistic views. This, without a shred of knowledge about my life, or the lives of the people you mock and make ridiculous sweeping generalizations about. I'm a capitalist. I earn money in the free market. I own successful businesses. I served my country. I criticize my government and its policies when they become and embarrassment to the ideals I thought I was protecting.

And you know what? Torture is wrong. Torture is evil. Torture is so much more than your simple analogies suggest. And furthermore, it does not work, but man it sure sounds good. So yeah, I'm the moron. I'm the lunatic. The lunatic who says torture is wrong, and war is a racket. I'm the one shouting facts and getting mocked for it. But you're the one who destroyed your party. And for a guy without a party, it was amazing to watch it happen.

You should probably respond by calling me more names, and by typing a few simplistic analogies to highlight your points so that I can understand them.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 27.01.2009 @ 04:20


First, in the United States, being told that you resemble a talented and famous actor who portrayed one of the greatest pilots in the history of our country in a critically acclaimed film is actually quite a compliment. It's like telling someone they look like a hero. Second, there is definitely some resemblance in this AFO's pilot to a young Sam Shepard.

Now, I watched the video and below is the transcript for anyone who actually thinks that Obama just insulted and denigrated the man who is in charge of flying him safely around the world...

[Obama exits his vehicle and climbs the steps to board AFO. The pilot is standing there to greet him. Obama waves at some people and turns to the pilot.]

Obama: How are you sir!

Pilot: Hi sir, good afternoon.

(they shake hands)

Pilot My name is [inaudible], nice to meet you.

Obama: Good to see you.

Pilot: Yes sir.

Obama: So, you're the pilot of Air Force One!

Pilot: Yes sir, it will be my privilege to serve you as your pilot (smiling, joking) if you'll have me.

Obama: (chuckles) You know, I gotta say, you're outta central casting.

(pilot laughs)

Obama: You're exactly what I want the pilot of Air Force One to look like.

Pilot: (smiling) Thank you very much sir.

Obama: You look like you know how to fly. You look like Sam Shepard in The Right... The Right Stuff.

Pilot: (smiling, laughing) Thank you very much sir. On behalf of everyone at Air Force One, I'd like to invite you... welcome you aboard.

[the pilot then proceeds to introduce Obama to the rest of the flight crew.]

I'm completely baffled as to where the insult to the man, or his service took place. They were both smiling. The pilot cracked a joke, he was smiling, though a bit nervous, and the mood seemed pleasant and upbeat.

You can criticize Obama for any number of things, but this is completely, nit pickingly, absurd. Does tend to fire people up though, which was exactly your point.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 26.01.2009 @ 20:36


It is obvious by the way they regard the military – half-idiot savages running loose across the planet.

War is a racket. And as long as business interests commercially benefit from war, it always will be. People can delude themselves to the contrary, but the only people who view our soldiers as you describe are the people making money on the other end. Furthermore, it's a relatively bipartisan endeavor, despite your efforts to portray the contrary.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 26.01.2009 @ 16:09

I love the Rush Limbaugh school of logic. Arguing that Merrill Lynch spending $1.2 Million dollars of TARP money to remodel their executive suites constitutes economic stimulus in the spirit of the bill...

Classic. I hope they at least added a stripper pole and some coke mirrors in the executive washroom. No strings attached tax payer supported bailout money... nothing quite like it.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 26.01.2009 @ 14:51


b) Why does “how have hispanics affected me” matter to the issue?

It doesn't. It's a bullshit question designed specifically to set up one of the two canned responses he had. Once he delivered lame response A, or Logical fallacy B, the script would be over and you would been called some clever name derived from liberal and retard, and not spoken to again in the thread. It's a type cast, but it's usually spot on.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 24.01.2009 @ 22:55

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