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I’m curious what you meant about the real distinction between these points of view being genetic. I’m curious because I just wrote something (along the lines of irresponsible speculation) that might or might not be related, towards the end of this post.

Political orientations have a very significant basis in genetic makeup. It is deeply rooted in fear reactions to various stimuli, as well as aversion to, or acceptance of change.

If you take random people and subject them to the exact same fight/flight based experiments, you can determine, with very great accuracy, which political spectrum they identify with, without ever having studied the subjects opinions on political issues. This applies to both physical and emotional response sets.

In light of that, it's clear that a simple understanding of the science of threat assessment will produce the most logical talking points to motivate each group.

This is why the Democrats "change" mantra was so effective, and also why threats of imminent terrorist attacks have been so effective for Republicans.

The science behind this is quite fascinating. It basically tells us that when someone says I can't understand why you think that way, well, they really can't. Their brain just doesn't work like that. Thus, the political divide.

However, everything I've studied so far indicates that the left and the right are intimately dependent upon each other from an evolutionary standpoint. They literally can't exist without each other, as much as the two sides would hate to admit it.

I would hope that simply knowing this, knowing that what you believe about politics is hardwired, it might help greatly with working toward the greater good.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 27.02.2009 @ 09:52

bsjones You really are starting to sound like a deranged conspiracy theorist.

No, he doesn't. He sounds thoughtful, intelligent, and curious.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 26.02.2009 @ 16:38

Manning, I can't tell which political party you're ranting about. Was that the point?

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 26.02.2009 @ 15:43


Nothing will change until both sides realize that the core beliefs of each side are more rooted in genetics than anything else.

If that baseline truth is ever fully understood (by non scientists), working together in a greater capacity is entirely possible. Without that understanding and acceptance, the divide will remain as prominent and pointlessly counterproductive as ever.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 26.02.2009 @ 11:28

Rick said:

The perils of educating the young in such a way is that enlightenment values get thrown under the bus in obeisance to a nebulous doctrine where ideology rather than philosophy is encouraged.

What is/are "enlightenment values?"

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 26.02.2009 @ 09:59


...rather than doing what is best for all, he is doing what is best for himself.

Huh... I thought this was the very definition of Republican.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 23.02.2009 @ 15:22


Oh well, maybe one of these days something like that will happen.

That's some really sweet sarcasm there. Two paragraphs of setup was a bit much, but your point that racism and inequality are over, is well taken.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 20.02.2009 @ 12:57



No, I'm a rule of law kinda guy. It's just that watching people suffer doesn't really turn me on. Everyone's got their thing though, that's cool.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 20.02.2009 @ 12:39


Now, I might enjoy THAT show.

That's really awesome of you.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 20.02.2009 @ 10:13

I wonder if it's possible to legislate integrity into existence, where none existed before.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 19.02.2009 @ 11:47

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