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And baby, the Dems are going to milk the death of Kennedy until they wring every last ounce of political capital they can manage from his rotund carcass.

Well played Rick. This wasn't just some simple LOL here. There was an LLOL. I literally laughed out loud, thus putting to rest the rumor that Republicans are mostly unfunny. Thank you. More please.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 27.08.2009 @ 10:15


I find that Republicans get bounced for scandals more easily because Republicans think “that guy is a scumbag, I wont vote for him again” while liberal Democrats think “I dont care what he does off-hours, even if he’s an SOB, he’s *my* SOB.” Different voter mindset.

This is absolute and total nonsense. Ted Kennedy being a bloated murderous douchebag does not mean that Republican voters are more discerning. The two aren't even related.

Tom DeLay? Dennis Hastert? These guys stayed in power for a very long time, despite being horrible. Why? Because they brought home the bacon for their constituents, just like ol' Ted. It's not a liberal/conservative thing. It's a bunch of people in a district or state getting extra benefits, and ignoring how they were attained.

Seems pretty non-partisan to me. Seems pretty human to me actually. Stop trying to find the divide and just look at reality. It's right there in front of your polarized face.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 27.08.2009 @ 13:59


Such a crime and abuse of power is forgivable enough to re-elect him again and again? I dont get that.

A senator like Ted Kennedy has an enormous amount of power and influence. That power extends to all the constituents in his state as well. No voter in his right mind would want to give up that kind of influence, even if it was based on principal. All that money and power flows right back into Massachusetts in the form of projects/grants/cash/etc. The people didn't necessarily forgive him for anything, they just looked past it in order to get their hands on a slightly bigger piece of the pie. Kinda reminds me of Dennis Hastert actually.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 26.08.2009 @ 23:04

Our friends at The Onion love Ted Kennedy as much as we do:

'Kennedy Curse' Claims Life Of 77-Year-Old Tumor-Riddled Binge-Drinker

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 26.08.2009 @ 15:12


Remaking America... I guess that I'm more scared about what the IG Torture Report means than I am about politicians trying to figure out a way to provide healthcare for everyone in the country. Just a different perspective. And now, back to Barack Obama single handedly destroying America...

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 25.08.2009 @ 13:17


This is Rick's version of "OMG They're trying to take the Christ out of Christmas! It's a war on Christmas!"

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 24.08.2009 @ 13:35


Rick said:

3. “Thousands of missiles?” Holy Jesus what a maroon! What planet did that occur on?


According to The New York Times, the United States supplied the following arms to Iran:

* August 20, 1985. 96 TOW anti-tank missiles
* September 14, 1985. 408 more TOWs
* November 24, 1985. 18 Hawk anti-aircraft missiles
* February 17, 1986. 500 TOWs
* February 27, 1986. 500 TOWs
* May 24, 1986. 508 TOWs, 240 Hawk spare parts
* August 4, 1986. More Hawk spares
* October 28, 1986. 500 TOWs

Total: 2,530 Missiles + spare parts.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 24.08.2009 @ 00:18

Heh. Reagan. I'll never understand why he's conservatisms patron saint.

I mean, let me get this straight, Reagan was the greatest modern president, he turned the US into a debtor nation, cut social programs, supported Sadam, literally ignoring him using WMD on his own people, sold Iran thousands of missiles, armed and trained those who became the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and married religion with conservatism.

So yeah, lets study the lessons learned from Reagan. Reasoned and impassioned dialect? Oh! Everyone from the made up Cadillac driving welfare queens. Nonsense. Reagan term is a horrible place to look for answers to the health care situation.

There are two simple core reasons why the Republicans want to destroy Obama's healthcare bill at any cost: 1. If they win, (they believe) it will destroy Obama's credibility. 2. If they lose they know it will destroy what's left of theirs. Whether it is good for the country or not never enters the equation.

1. The US was well on its way to being a debtor nation before Reagan even took office.

2. Spending for social programs grew faster than the rate of inflation under Reagan. The rate of growth of those programs slowed.

3. "Thousands of missiles?" Holy Jesus what a maroon! What planet did that occur on?

4. The US supported the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan - who opposed the Taliban when they were created by Pakistan in 1993. Al-Qaeda was the creation of Osama Bin Laden who never received a dollar or a bullet from America.

5. Your knowledge of history is appalling. The rise of religious conservatism predated Reagan who gave lip service to its agenda. He didn't life a finger when their issues came before Congress.

6. You are too stupid to know anything except soundbites and those select quotes used by the media to demonize Reagan. Many of his speeches in formal settings - before think tanks, important conservative groups - were seminars in the role of government in society. These are speeches he wrote himself, having spent 30 years thinking through the issues at stake.

7. Your comment is the perfect example of the mouthings of someone who literally knows nothing except what is fed him by partisans and moron leftists. Your grasp of Reagan and history is outrageously shallow, incomplete, and skewed by ideology.

And I've spent entirely too much time pointing out your many factual errors, errors of analysis, and out and out idiocy.


Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 23.08.2009 @ 15:00


Excellent thought provoking piece, Rick. Good stuff.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 20.08.2009 @ 12:19


Rick said:

Do I get any credit for being close?

The internet hereby grants you 85% credit.

Comment Posted By Chuck Tucson On 20.08.2009 @ 09:50

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