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The loony left will be incorporating the Craig story into their perverse self-gratification ritual in dank corners of the blogosphere long after the story has come and gone for the 90% of Americans who still have some semblance of balance in their lives.

Comment Posted By Chip On 1.09.2007 @ 08:48

LA Times has picked up on the story.

Comment Posted By Chip On 1.09.2007 @ 08:32


The offer still stands to set up shop in my basement if needed. One downside, though, is you'd have to smoke outside. ;)

Comment Posted By Chip On 26.08.2007 @ 14:47


If worse comes to worse, Rick, you can set up shop in my basement.

Comment Posted By Chip On 24.08.2007 @ 08:55


As illustrated perfectly by the first comment, the incredible thing about the 9/11 "truthers," in comparison to balanced, rational and logical people, is that long lists of uncorrelated factoids, circumstantial evidence and unsubstantiated claims are actually believed to make their "analysis" more clear.

Information overload is a commonly employed propaganda technique, one which has been used quite successfully to keep the 9/11 conspiracy "believers" in line (and opening their wallets) by those who are making quite a nice living by exploiting the fears (and stoking the paranoia) of their fellow Americans.

Now that the boom has been leveled on the 9/11 "truth" movement, here's hoping some sane treatment is given to some of these other scams being foisted on the gullible and disaffected, namely "stolen elections" (being hyped for fun and personal profit by people like Greg Palast, Bob Fitrakis and Mark "Crispy" Miller) and "right-wing media complicity" (being milked for all it's worth by the likes of Robert W. McChesney, Amy Goodman and David Brock).

Psychologists/sociologists will have a field day studying the damage being done to ourselves, our families, personal relationships in general and very fabric of our society/culture by the "cottage industry" which proliferates/purveys these various conspiracy theories, many of which are interlinked, all of which are fueling the divisiveness in our country to levels unseen since the Civil War thanks to the accessibility and lack of personal accountability afforded by the anonymity of the internet.

Comment Posted By Chip On 21.08.2007 @ 22:38


You people here really do belong in a nuthouse. Enjoy your police state…

Says the person whose debilitating levels of paranoia preclude them from thinking clearly/rationally/logically.

Comment Posted By Chip On 27.08.2007 @ 18:34


Troofers are the ones who have been hoodwinked. Every one of these 9/11 conspiracy web sites has something to sell, and there are lots of things for sale at the 9/11 "truth" conventions and conferences, where the authors/producers also openly and shamelessly shill for themselves and the latest repackaging of their book, DVD or tape. Ignorance stemming from a lack of curiosity, perceptiveness, objectivity and critical thinking is one thing, but knowingly/willingly financing the sources of it has to be the pinnacle.

Comment Posted By Chip On 27.08.2007 @ 07:52


It's incomprehensible these people can quietly accept this LIHOP/MIHOP garbage, much less parrot it all over the internet seemingly without a thought, but then again we have seen many examples over the years (Jones, Bakker, Applewhite, Robertson) of how a deep desire to believe and belong can be very easily manipulated by clever, convincing, charismatic people who claim to have the best interests of others at heart.

If not for the easy accessibility and visual power of the internet, which enabled a small cottage industry to be developed around a highly cynical and disaffected niche market, the Troofers would be nothing more than an insignificant handful of hysterical cultists.

Comment Posted By Chip On 26.08.2007 @ 14:39

#286, #291

In no way, shape or form does the Fire Engineering article "prove" the WTC buildings were taken down by controlled demolition. At least Bill Manning remains credible by detailing his questions, but does not use answers he finds unsatisfactory as a basis for asserting wild conspiracy theories.

There's nothing sober minded about so-called scholars who begin with the conclusion and then summarily go about the task of cherry-picking, misconstruing and outright fabricating evidence, fallaciously making use of innuendo and playing to people's emotions (instead of their intellect) every step of the way.

Besides, if these Troofers can't even present their relevant facts and circumstantial evidence accurately/truthfully, then how can they be relied upon to make a cogent and credible analysis?

If the likes of Griffin and the two Jones have to make a living off such scams, thankfully they're selling books, tapes and DVDs to their gullible minions instead of their professional services in the arenas of academia, engineering/design/constrcution and public policy.

Comment Posted By Chip On 26.08.2007 @ 14:13

A new record for the number of comments on a RWNH post.

Comment Posted By Chip On 24.08.2007 @ 16:26

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