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Sounds to me like he tried to say exactly what our generals are saying every day - are they, too, those misanthropes you find in every unit who just can't follow regs? - and this Soltz violated regulations by blowing up on him because he politically disagreed with what the sergeant was saying.

I didn't know that expressing your professional military opinion on an ongoing operation that your comrades are fighting in was unconscionable political activism. I'm pretty sure blowing your top at an NCO because he said something you didn't like politically is.

Comment Posted By Chaos On 6.08.2007 @ 10:04

It's hilarious watching the moonbats scream how we should ignore whatever he has to say because he wore his uniform to a political event and arguably (it's a weak argument) engaged in political activism there...

First of all, any military members anywhere saying that the surge is working should not be accused of political activism, they should be lauded for their good morale and belief in the mission. The surge is only a political question because the moonbats have made it one. It's a classic "I win-you lose" set-up. They make the surge a political issue and complain when soldiers defend it because it's "political activism." The surge is an ongoing military operation and soldiers should be able to speak out about it as long as they don't violate operational security or reveal classified information when they're in uniform, out of uniform, in the shower, at the diner, getting their mail, doing whatever anywhere, anytime.

This while three years ago the same small cast of veterans and soldiers were showing up at anti-war rallies in uniform all the time and any time anyone objected to it the moonbats went apeshit about those evil neocons trying to keep honorable American soldiers from speaking their minds about the Chimpler's imperial fantasy.

I don't understand why anyone would bother even reading their arguments anymore if you don't already agree. It's all the same puerile bullshit over and over again, the blatant double standards and hilarious leaps of logic and impassioned wailing.

Comment Posted By Chaos On 6.08.2007 @ 08:27



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