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I love it when the so-called intellectuals call people names:

"Adding three points to the highest tax bracket is “socialism”? You are an idiot whose thought processes are limited to wingnut talking points."

The Chinese under Mao was a socialist experiment. Who owned the means of production? Certainly not the Chinese individuals as is now happening. Seems you are rationalizing that the Chinese experience was not socialism.

And speaking of "What China tried was an insane Asian personality cult and tyranny." Do you see any correlations in this and your friend Obama (if, indeed, he is your friend)? Aak a member of the "cult of Obama" a well-thought out question or a serious question and see what happens. Been doing that for the last two years and I always get STONE COLD SILENCE.

Been to China lately or are you just calling people names because your inability to provide reasoned discussion? Don't worry, I will not call you a name.

Comment Posted By Cecil Hill On 26.10.2008 @ 17:58

And furthering the issue of "conservatives" voting for an Obama presidency, I live in China and will continue to do so for at least the next four years. For those "conservatives" who think that Obama will not be as bad for America as indicated by your own conservative core values, enjoy your regime. China has been turning away from socialism now for nearly three decades. But then, they tried socialism and it was a disaster. Chinese seem to me to be a lot more pragmatic than Americans these days.

Comment Posted By Cecil Hill On 26.10.2008 @ 05:14

Moral cowardice is when a pro-abortionist refuses to acknowledge that the child being murdered is a human being and thus is being provided with the ultimate in human rights violation. The choice is simple: human or not human. Never met a pro-abortionist who would go down this path. If human, then the ultimate child abuse. If not human, then what? The baby has to be something: a pig, an acorn or a human. No other choices available. Moral cowardice, you say. Me thinks you have a problem in understanding what that means.

I am not justifying an abortion clinic bombing but I would not call it a terrorist act which is defined as solely political. July 20, 1944 Hitler assassination attempt at the Wolf's Lair. Political or trying to stop the killing? Moral equivalence? Terrorist attack? Not quite as cut and dried as you have convinced yourself, is it? If you believe that Hitler was good, it was a terrorist attack. If you thought Hitler was evil, then . . . But, wait, we all know that Hitler was evil. In my mind, abortion brings on the same feelings. Just think, we have denied human rights to over 50 million fellow humans. That makes us third in the all time rights abusers in human history behind Stalin at 55 million and Mao at 70 million. But then, they had it figured out that their victims were really not human either. Moral cowardice, you say?

Comment Posted By Cecil Hill On 26.10.2008 @ 05:04


I think you would have been much more accurate if you had stated "the Red Army has treated the Tibetans (and other minorities) like shit from 1959 to (research the date when they realized their mistake) xxxx and those who remember resent these Han no accounts.

I say specific inclusive dates because I have met several older people who were treated like shit but then recently things have changed. One guy in Kunming (Pete) approached me and quoted perfectly the Gettysburg Address and then the Preamble to the Constitution of the US. He was 83 years old and had been forced to work in the coal minds near Kunming for over 40 years. The reason - too much English from his friends the Flying Tigers.

The government had recently taken him to Beijing and apologized for the past action and rewarded him with a nice pension and health care. Talk about a man full of history!

This seems to be the current government policy - acknowledging past "sins" and working to help the minorities. Hey, it is good business as well because millions of Chinese travel around China in search of minority culture. Look at LiJiang and Shangri-La if you doubt what I am writing. Billions poured into these "disney-like" creations for the local minorities (Naxi in Lijiang and Tibetans in Shangri-La). I see it happening everywhere I travel. The latest was to XiJiang Miao village in Guizhou Province. The government is not stupid now (meaning they were back then!).

Comment Posted By Cecil Hill On 8.07.2008 @ 05:41

Kevin is, in fact, a student from Tibet who is a personal friend and I have played basketball with many Tibetan students. We also have many other minority students whom I have gotten to know and love.

What would you believe, Surabaya Stew, and what would you not believe if I told you what their opinions were? If their beliefs matched yours, then obviously I am not lying. If their beliefs did not match yours, then obviously I am lying. Once more, reading the MSM gives absolutely no clue about the attitudes of Chinese in China.

What is the truth in Tibet? I have yet to visit there but plan to in the near future. Many times our preconceptions prevent us from seeing truth as it really is. Truth, I seek but truth is often covered by many layers of my own personal biases.

BTW, the Tibetan students would disagree with Rick in his most negative statements but would probably agree that theirs is not the most viable economic group in China.

Comment Posted By Cecil Hill On 7.07.2008 @ 17:29

I have lived and worked in China teaching at the university level for the past year and a half. I speak Chinese (trained by the USAF many years ago) and have been married to an ethnic Chinese (American citizen) for over thirty years. Having stated by credentials, what are yours? When do you believe the MSM and when do you not believe it? There are two sides to every issue. Suggest you try to find the Chinese side to balance your opinion in what you write.

Do not forget that there was legal slavery in Tibet in the 1950s and the feudal system was very much real and alive there prior to the Chinese "liberation." I use the term "liberation" here on purpose because that is exactly what happened.

I am no liberal but I am honest and realistic. I am no spokesperson for the Chinese government but I do have Chinese students who would find your comments to be both insulting and wrong. BTW, these are real students who are in pursuit of the same truth that every college student is pursuing.

I read your blog daily so do not dismiss me as an apologist for China. Every country makes mistakes and the Tibet situation was huge, playing into the situation that those who fomented it wanted. No excuse for this evil stupidity but Tibet - suggest you do more research on the actual situation there and not believe people like Richard Guere and others who hug themselves and say - oh, how awful it is to be able to NOT BE A SLAVE under the ruling monks.

Comment Posted By Cecil Hill On 6.07.2008 @ 20:25



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