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If Obama wins, it will probably take a year or two for the magnitude of the catastrophe to sink in.

But, I profoundly hope that the Republicans and the right generally give Obama exactly the same level of cooperation that the Democrats and the left have given George W. Bush - not one scintilla.

Make the Democrats pass their socialist and pacifist agenda without a single Republican vote. Tell the world why. Then when it all falls apart, remind people that it's been the Democrats without a single Republican vote that have destroyed America.

Phil Gramm said when HillaryCare was proposed that if it passed, within a decade we would be hunting Democrats with dogs. If Obama's socialist and pacifist agenda passes and things fall apart, as they will, Gramm may still be proven right. Unless of course (as is likely) Obama's thugs confiscate our guns and stifle dissent with force.

Comment Posted By CatoRenasci On 2.11.2008 @ 08:49


Hmmm. Let's see. Why is this so disturbing? Aren't the telecommunications companies already storing the information they have given to the government? Is the information significantly less prone to abuse in private hands? I don't think so. While it's possible that once upon a time, good records of who called whom did not exist, they have existed for a long time - as long as there have been telephone bills, at any rate. And, ever since billing was computerized, say around 1955 or so, the information has been in computers, and presumably stored. The availablity of cheap memory and fast access to that memory may have made it easier to mine the information, but it has always been available to law enforcement.

I simply don't understand why liberals think that having copies of the information already in private hands in government computers - with legal safeguards that probably don't exist in the private sector - means big brother is now watching where before we were all in a state of innocent privacy.

One commentator said (I hope ironically,but I doubt it) "nationalize the telecoms" - right, that would solve the problem by making all of the information government property. Very good.

Comment Posted By CatoRenasci On 11.05.2006 @ 10:09



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