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So GOP Surrealists are imagining that there’s good news from Iraq concerning Cheney’s intestinal problems, er, the surge, and that they’ve undoubtedly hatched a scheme whereby they can free themselves from the evils of the Constitution, escaping so they can all sit back on their laurels and make slop buckets full of cash whilst falling into a heap of their own drool on some “coffeehouse” counter in Amsterdam before their pointy-pointy heads are whistled for a double dribble penalty as they hit the ground, or from their pseudo-religious objective point of view, as the ground rises to greet them. Copious amounts? Wee dram after wee gram? Dancing potatoes everywhere? And don’t forget: They put chemicals on the “stuff” there, too!

But it’s all hope and projection, based on a history of bad upbringing, ulterior motives of fellow siblings, poor stimulus retention due to gazing at penguin attired “lay” persons for eight of the most important formative years, abandonment in a town named after the Mexican word for a pass in the hills, and several ill-advised experiments with herbal extracts and tinctures of pineal glands obtained through illegitimate means trampling beyond the bounds of good taste and legality.

Hey! Don’t stop me, I’m rolling with this! Wherever known reality stops for conservatives, where they touch the unknown (in the biblical sense), there they project an archetypal image, simultaneously puzzling over why their hands smell like rubber. Wait a second, how about Animus, considered to be that natural and primitive part of the mind's activity and processes remaining after dispensing with a "second self" created by Republican candidate or devil and through whom the narrative is related, which is the mask displayed in interactions with others and which has been shaped by socialization and indifferent promiscuity in local airport restrooms. Freud often described the functioning of psychosexual energies in mechanical terms, influenced perhaps by the dominance of the steam engine at the end of the 19th century, entering a tunnel of course. In this manner, he also tended to think of the libido as a producer of energies, and a main cause of future troubles for persons falling out of favor with “lay” “members” of the clergy or nuns. Hell, maybe I’m just blowing smoke up my frame of reference, or as Joey Rico used to say, a tendency of an organism to revert to instinctive behaviors that can interfere with the conditioned response.

Holy Shit Carl, what a bore! Did you go to school and learn how to be incoherent or does it just come sorta naturally - like crapping in your bed?


Comment Posted By Carl Gordon On 27.03.2008 @ 12:58


I looked it up! The answer is out there amongst the zeroes and ones that are the actually building blocks and residue off our barely perceptible reality construct. It’s true; I checked it out. Hence:

When Mercury is Direct

Communicate: A good time to write important letters and death threats, sign contracts, express yourself, buy a car, get suckered into a 5 year service contract worth shite, publish and advertise your desire to counteract the steady chlorinization of all large bodies of potable water, make important phone calls, plan or take a trip.

Jeez! First the guy insults me and then he seeks advice on salesmanship!

When Mercury is Retrograde

Use an extra dose of clarity, caution and pet care pertaining to travel and toxic levels of Flexiril in the blood stream, especially when delivered by car, communications of any kind, contracts, sending letters, small bulbs, wax bonnets, and publishing.

If you can avoid the above until the retrograde period ends that's even better.

Calculated for Eastern time zones, 5 hours and several minutes later, there was a definite effacing of the high sheen porcelain finish as most of the night’s previous bounty of chipped beef didn’t quite make it to the bowl.

A healthy dose of clarity in this consciousness journey for the young at heart and the hard of hearing. Two alternate areas of hysteria: Things I understand and Things I Do Not Understand Too Well Yet.

Captain Jutta is the navigator who charts our living miracle of beauty, love, and floppy sacks: The mind and cosmic energy on bass. The organ called the brain. The brain waves bye-bye, vapid eye movement exercises, jumper cables and spiritual Roto-Rooter.

Comment Posted By Carl Gordon On 9.05.2007 @ 19:25


Freedum isnt free. The price of liburty is constant survaylance. Besides, what do you have to hide? If your not a terorest you will be fine, otherwise we get rid of you in some camp where you belong! As long as bush fights this war for vistury any and all sacrafises must be made to inshure securitty. Mcain in 08!

Comment Posted By Carl Gordon On 18.01.2007 @ 15:22


Harry Red and all his comrads (including liberuls!) should be deported for crimes against America and christiunity! Victory is soo close - two years max at most - that we need to invalidate the election and get those good people back into congress so we can win! Re-elect Bush in 2008!

Comment Posted By Carl Gordon On 28.12.2006 @ 14:06



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