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Chuck Tucson,

Apparently George Washington chose to limit himself to two terms and, up until FDR, everybody followed suit. Whether there was an unwritten rule or what, I'm sure there's been some studies on the situation with the abundance of phds in the world today. No matter what anybody thinks of Roosevelt, being in the middle of an active and acknowledged world war provides a pretty compelling reason at least to me for a third term. Although obviously others felt differently since the amendment was shortly after that.

Truth be known, when you look at how the office ages people, two terms should be enough.

Comment Posted By Captain Hate On 3.10.2008 @ 20:58

Chuck Tucson said: "Then why didn’t they set term limits for the Legislative branch the way they did for the Executive?"

There was no restriction on the President's number of terms until the 22nd amendment.

Comment Posted By Captain Hate On 3.10.2008 @ 18:30


Nobody should accuse Jimbo of bigamy; his mancrush is solely for Urkel X no matter what his position morphs to on anything.

Comment Posted By Captain Hate On 16.07.2008 @ 07:55


Whenever I'm in a discussion with somebody who doesn't share my opinion and I feel that it's about to get off the rails I say "I know that you honestly feel that your way will produce the most amount of good for the most amount of people; will you concede the same for me?" and/or "This is only my opinion, no matter how strongly felt; I could be wrong in this." If that doesn't defuse a potential argument then there's no point in going any further with that person.

Comment Posted By Captain Hate On 28.06.2008 @ 14:08


Surabaya Stew: Thanks for keeping an open mind on this. If you want to discuss anything you subsequently discover offline, Rick can give you my email.

Comment Posted By Captain Hate On 19.06.2008 @ 12:52

In my studies, private companies do better than government in 99% of types of businesses. However, that 1% is often composed of some of the biggest markets we have, such as water, electricity

You might want to do some additional studies on electricity to include parts of the city of Cleveland, where there's competition between a municipal power system and a private utility. Despite the casuistry of Kucinich, who made a name for himself by shilling for the municipal system, the city's plant was a major polluter (but avoided federal EPA scrutiny by being a city entity) before being permanently shut down. Now it exists because of the availability of wholesale power to buy and distribute to customers; if the national glut goes away so does its power. It exists as a patronage system, with work crews being objects of humor with the amount of people standing around while very little work gets done.

Comment Posted By Captain Hate On 19.06.2008 @ 10:09


Whether Donaghy is lying or not, Stern should lose his job. It doesn't take a mensa to realize that Donaghy could make a claim like this and for Stern not to have done something proactively to insulate the league against this is irresponsible. Phil Jackson stated that he would prefer that the league farm out the reffing to protect itself; it's pretty damn bad when a head coach has a more insightful solution than the commissioner and his staff of lackeys.

The last two NBA playoffs have been rife with potential corruption: The Mavs were jobbed by the refs after the first two blowouts against the Heat as Dwayne Wade went to the line continually and Nowitzki couldn't buy a call, and Stackhouse gets suspended for a hard foul that Shaq barely felt (and iirc wasn't called a flagrant by the game refs) after Shaq opened him up. Last year the Suns got jobbed by suspensions of players that left the bench but did nothing more after a hard foul. And this year Joey freaking Crawford was assigned a Spurs/Lakers game after being suspended for his anger management problems with Tim Duncan.

Stern, and a former sub-mediocre head coach, Stu Jackson, who inexplicably has been put in a position of responsibility, have contributed to a decline in the integrity of the game. Purportedly one of the motives for Donaghy dropping this bombshell was that, in addition to the criminal charges, the NBA was charging Donaghy a million dollars for the cost of investigating him. This from the same league that throws money away supporting the worthless WNBA. I'm hoping Cuban or somebody takes action against Stern for reducing the value of their franchises. If no owner does anything to get rid of him, they're dumber than I thought.

Comment Posted By Captain Hate On 12.06.2008 @ 05:39


The first mistake is thinking the olympics are a good thing. The IOC is a collection of the most disgusting, self-centered loads that have ever bankrupted multiple countries while taking much swag for the "honor" of hosting their sham games. They were tooled by Nazi Germany and now by the ChiComs as they brainlessly proclaim to be "above politics". The only smart thing Carter did was refuse to participate in them; Bush should do likewise.

Comment Posted By Captain Hate On 10.03.2008 @ 09:24


"always interesting James Walcott"? Maybe from a clinical point of view.

Comment Posted By Captain Hate On 8.03.2008 @ 09:43


"Our own President wouldn’t fair any better in that survey, and people ask what’s wrong with education?"

Melanie, I think you meant "fare"; I ordinarily wouldn't point that out but when you're trying to make cheap points on the President being stupid you're getting nailed. Are you aware that Bush regularly reads history and, under the media radar, invites history profs from Yale and elsewhere to discuss historical topics. Of course the MSM wouldn't report this because it doesn't fit into their Chimpy template which evidently you buy into.

Regarding the topic, who doesn't know that public schools are a national disgrace?

Comment Posted By Captain Hate On 27.02.2008 @ 20:58



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