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I wonder if he stopped to consider those men might still be alive if he'd sent the troops that McChrystal requested. Obama is a huge drama queen...this agony he's going through while putting off a decision that simply needs to be made-is playing out like a perverse version of Hamlet in the press.

Comment Posted By Cao On 30.10.2009 @ 04:22


Gosh, Rick, I hate to see you get upset over what we've been enduring for the last almost four years.

Keep your chin up, enforce the rules, and shut off comments completely if it bothers you.

Like you said, life is too short.


Comment Posted By Cao On 3.12.2007 @ 11:08


By contrast, Jon Soltz wears a military uniform on votevets and their supposed nonpartisan mission is to get veterans 'critical of the war' into Congress.

Isn't that the democrats' position? "Critical of the war"? Isn't Soltz staking out a political position by acting as a moderator at the KOS convention?

Comment Posted By Cao On 7.08.2007 @ 06:02


Great post, Rick. The media is really like a pack of starving dogs.

Comment Posted By cao On 18.02.2007 @ 16:15


I vote for Cecelia Lucas. It's one thing to write a diatribe; it's another to write a love poem to an Islamofascist organization dedicated to driving the Jews from land that was given to them by the British-which is also dedicated to horrible torture and murder of the infidel in ways we have difficulty comprehending because of the deprived vicious bloody nature of the acts-and also dedicated to driving the jews into the sea.

I can see writing a love poem to a husband, a fiance, a daughter, a son, even an ex-boyfriend--but this? It takes the cake.

Comment Posted By Cao On 30.07.2006 @ 10:09


In 2004, the UN's nucelear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), learned that the US had shipped 1.8 tons of low enriched uranium from Tuwaitha in Iraq for disposition. The IAEA's reaction to the shipment of nuclear material out of Saddam’s nuclear research center at Al-Tuwaitha is a perfect example of how they routinely delay and obfuscate the efforts of the US and the UK in controlling banned substances and delivery systems.

Very little has been reported about the volume of material which was found at al-Tuwaitha back in 2004.

Douglas Hanson, the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Science and Technology for the Coalition Provisional Authority during the Summer of 2003, wrote about this at Frontpage Magazine and also at The American Thinker.

In addition to the nearly two tons of low-enriched uranium secured by the US, Site C was home to an additional 500 tons of yellowcake uranium,* This is a conservative estimate as initially reported by Coalition personnel from the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Ironically, this initial figure is backed up by, of all organizations, Greenpeace.

Yellowcake is uranium ore that has been milled to produce a pure form of the substance known as Uranium Oxide. Further processes, such as conversion and enrichment, are required to make the yellowcake suitable for use as nuclear fuel in a reactor or for use in a nuclear weapon. Interestingly, a quantity of depleted uranium was also found at Tuwaitha. This implies that some enrichment processes occurred on-site, as depleted uranium is the natural byproduct of the enrichment process.

In addition to the yellowcake, approximately 300 tons of radioisotopes for industrial and medical uses were stored at primarily Site B. These materials, numbering over 1000 radioactive items retrieved from the site, included Cesium-137 and Cobalt-60. Both are extremely radioactive substances that are ideal for use in Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD), or “dirty bombs.”

Not only this material, but an inordinate amount of pesticides in barrels have been discovered, only to be brushed aside as 'not relevant'.

Saddam had rebuilt segments of his industrial chemical infrastructure in Baghdad under the “guise of a civilian need for pesticides, chlorine, and other legitimate chemical products.” But the point that people seem to miss is that pesticides are the key elements in the chemical agent arena. In fact, the general pesticide chemical formula (organophosphate) is the “grandfather” of modern day nerve agents. Pesticides are also precursors of many other chemical weapons including Mustard-Lewisite (HL), Phosgene (CG) a choking agent, and Hydrogen Cyanide (AC) a blood agent.

It was not surprising then, as Coalition forces attacked into Iraq, that huge warehouses and caches of “commercial and agricultural” chemicals were seized and painstakingly tested by Army and Marine chemical specialists. What was surprising was how quickly the ISG refuted the findings of our ground forces, and how silent they have been on the significance of these caches.

A camouflaged bunker complex full 55-gallon drums of pesticide was entered with some strange and unpleasant results.

More than a dozen soldiers, a Knight-Ridder reporter, a CNN cameraman, and two Iraqi POWs came down with symptoms consistent with exposure to a nerve agent. A full day of tests on the drums resulted in one positive for nerve agent, and then one resulted in a negative. Later, an Army Fox NBC [nuclear, biological, chemical] Recon Vehicle confirmed the existence of Sarin.

But later ISG tests resulted in a proclamation of negative, end of story, nothing to see here, etc., and the earlier findings and injuries dissolved into non-existence. Left unexplained is the small matter of the obvious pains taken to disguise the cache of ostensibly legitimate pesticides. One wonders about the advantage an agricultural commodities business gains by securing drums of pesticide in camouflaged bunkers six feet underground. The “agricultural site” was also co-located with a military ammunition dump, evidently nothing more than a coincidence in the eyes of the ISG.

I'm sorry, but there's a lot of bureaucratic mumbo jumbo here that needs to be sifted through and taken with a block of salt when visiting the 'no wmd' issue. The reports and interests of the agencies involved seem to be evidence of CYA and as Rick points out, their narrow interests, rather than exposing the truth.

Comment Posted By Cao On 23.06.2006 @ 05:08



You really outdid yourself on C-Span this morning, looks to me as though you got under their skin by showing up your lefty foil. And you made it look so easy!


Comment Posted By Cao On 2.04.2006 @ 20:40


Ok I'm linking to this today! Sorry for the delay and thanks!

Comment Posted By Cao On 4.03.2006 @ 14:18


I'm sorry to say, TMH, but that would probably never happen. This insipid odious vacuous arguments, the breathtaking generalizations about us 'cons' Rick said, he skewers Bush about any number of issues as do I. I don't think there's a single one of us who consider W a president without faults. Recently I've been reviewing his support of the Taliban WHILE OUR TROOPS WERE FIGHTING THEM in 2001-2002.

But the issue here is not the WoT or any number of other things that Georgie porgie brings up --

It's about the sanctity of life and protecting the innocent. Raven's comments as always are extremely eloquent and she's a health care professional who's seen these things up close and personal--and witnessed some of these deaths, and has reported about them in agonizing detail.

The only conclusion I can arrive at is people who don't acknowledge these sweet beings as worthy of life are cold and heartless...and they also seem to talk about the lying terrorist head hackers as 'freedom fighters'. Extremely odd and pathetic, that.

Comment Posted By Cao On 26.02.2006 @ 16:40


Excuse me, sir, I had hoped for a tribute to George Washington here today. Ah well, time seems to be getting away from us all....cheers, Rick!~Cao.

Comment Posted By Cao On 20.02.2006 @ 19:53

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