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Rick you say, "Palin is unready to hold high office and won’t be, in my opinion, for perhaps a year". And you also say you "prefer" not to be found "cheerleading for a man who would choose a woman as his running mate with such a wretched moral sense". Perhaps you think her "wretched moral sense" will all be rectified in a year? Perhaps you don't care if her "wretched moral sense" is ever rectified? Personally I think you currently have a "wretched moral sense" concerning Palin but perhaps that "wretched moral sense" can be cleared up and maybe you will be ready in a year.

I also think that in view of what could be written about the "Moral Cowardice" of John McCain, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden and the "Moral Cowardice" you actually chose to write about, then your article would have been more aptly titled: THE MORAL COWARDICE OF RICK MORAN.

Comment Posted By Canadian who likes Palin On 26.10.2008 @ 02:18

'Unleash' Palin? Get Real

She took out a sitting Republican Governor in Alaska's primary then a former Democratic Governor in the election. Now some would tell me Biden is going to wipe the floor with her on Thursday. Good luck Biden fans you are going to need it.

After the debate Obama's campaign will be in full spin mode trying to turn Biden's major defeat in the debate into a win. Will Obama's campaign spin machine succeed? That remains to be seen.

Comment Posted By Canadian who likes Palin On 29.09.2008 @ 19:46


6.Actually the streaker was the mavericks inside joke used strictly for the audience and which used a Palin look a like. The mavericks will use what the the network pundits will call the latest hail mary pass and sure fire game changer at the he/she debate. Palin will debate Biden wearing that original 80's swimsuit with her back turned to Biden's face.

Comment Posted By Canadian who likes Palin On 27.09.2008 @ 17:18


I spent the presidential primaries posting comments at Politico favorable to Obama and no other Democratic Presidential candidate and no Republican presidential candidate. Once the presidential and vice presidential candidates were known I stopped commenting on Obama’s behalf at Politico and started posting there comments favorable only to Sarah Palin.

I am not a Pentecostal or a woman and I have never been to Alaska . I am also not a racist as when there were only presidential candidates to consider for both sides in the primaries, the only one I made an effort to support was Obama.

I wonder how many Americans there are like me? If there are enough, McCain/Palin will win in November.

Comment Posted By Canadian who likes Palin On 27.09.2008 @ 07:49



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