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Rick, Rick, Rick. I read one of your skits assessing the President of Iran as "messianic". Would could be more rediculously messianicer than Ashkenazi (who did not ascend from Abraham), make a claim that Abraham and god signed an agreement to a land called Israel (a name not of geography until 1948). Balfour is messianic. The President of Iran is understating the immediate result of any agression against Iran. Oil will not flow into the US or Europe.

Iran is within it's rights and obligations under the NPT. The US needs to lookout for it's citizens and not risk priced oil or never ending expensive black project defpense procurements. Watergate hookers are expensive - but this is a bit much, wouldn't you say? It has to stop. Look at the bill 1.5 Trillion since 2001 - that's just principal - interest flows every 6 months (5%..8% x 6/12) x 1.5Trillion - you do the math smart guy.

Now if you, Rick, want to play chicken, and you want to stay on the second string favored son's side (he looked so darling in his little cheerleading outfit - soooo Todd!), the same side that has mucked everything up,if you need to do that.If you feel the need to go GI Joe. If you need a 4000$ heating bill or 20$/Gal gasoline, then could you like work it out with your other right wing smarty pants friends and like move to Israel or the UK or France or Gernmany and just leave the rest of us fools here? Please. Fool us once, it's our fault, fool us twice - err well err you ain't going to fool us twice - err - ehh!

What are you thinking? That the next rock will have less cut and it might make it worth the risk and expense to connect with a dealer? The next "rock" is just as shatty as the the first one. It don't get better. Is that air you're breathing? hmmm..

Comment Posted By Cadavre On 13.05.2006 @ 01:09



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