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Larry, you've missed so many of the DNC talking points! You only have "military quagmire" in Irag. C'mon, if your going to be a party sycophant, read the Cribbed-Notes.

Horse-Shit is awesome in the garden. The production of tomatoes and, dare I type this, "potatoes" (that felt pretty good) is incredible!

Abu-Ghriab (or whatever) and Gitmo are actually Mickey Mouse. It's gotta twist your shorts that there is no traction, in spite of "your" media machines. It's gotta burn many circuits your team is on the sidelines.

Got some news, pal. Your view of the world is the "fart in the wind". Lay off of the eggs, okay?

The left has been passed by the side of the road. We were attacked. We have responded, and will continue to respond. We will not only win this war, we are going to march on a road of bones!


Comment Posted By BulgarWheat On 21.06.2005 @ 21:51



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