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CENK UYGUR is one very sick dude. Just wanted to add: only in America could such a guy get a radio job ! unbelivable. In canada we are liberal all right but an anti-semite 'liberal' could never get on the air!

Comment Posted By Bulent On 24.03.2007 @ 10:28

He is very anti-semitic I met him once on a trip to Turkey when he was visiting relatives (he sat next to me on the plane). Once a few drinks were in him --you would not believe the anit-semitic stuff he said. Also we are both of Turkish descent so he felt free to tell me that they (the Turkish govt) "should kill all those F@#$@ Armenians" (a reference to the fact that Turkey cannot seem to extinguish the fact of the Armenian massacre of the early 20th century and it has provided much embarrasment to them when they apply for EU membership).
This guy is so clueless I dont think a sledgehamer to the head could wake him.
Oh and its BS that he is agnostic, he told me he DOES believe in Allah but not in that "christian god".
After that he focused on getting "some pu#@@y" while in Istanbul and his speech quickly went into 'porn mode' if you know what I mean. There was a little boy and his mom in front of us so I felt ashamed that they could here this fool. I quickly tried to change the subject but to no avail. He is one sick dude.

Comment Posted By Bulent On 24.03.2007 @ 10:25

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