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This afternoon Rush paraphrased an email he got from a federal prosecutor who thought the whole trial was bogus. According to him, the Libby trial was lost when the defense made no attempt to argue Fitzgeralds opening and closing statements where he laid out that there WAS a conspiricy (no evidence given in the trial) and Libby was the fall guy. Thus, the jurry took that as a "given".

That is the biggest fault Republicans have: continually taking "the high road" and not fighting back and challenging the left's distortions of the truth. To the lyrics of a '60's song, "When will they ever learn?...."

Comment Posted By Bruce On 7.03.2007 @ 14:24


In my mind the main factor of the GOP loss is that the GOP couldn't overcome the constant drumbeat of negative "news" put out by the legacy media. Their "political wing" (Democrat Party) couldn't win a seat as a dogcatcher without the clout of the media, which pulled out all the stops, dropping their cloak of non-bias to make sure the GOP lost. I'm more and more of the mind that the media is calling the shots and use the Dem's as their political wing, instead of the Dem's using the media as their PR dept.

Comment Posted By Bruce On 8.11.2006 @ 10:40


Rick, I have to disagree with you on this one, as I listened to Rush the past three days and heard what he said about this subject. Rush is basicaly saying that MJF has the right to say anything he wants, he even has the right to be dead wrong, but does not have immunity from criticism of the FACTS of what he is saying. Rush also mentioned that Fox has wrtitten in his own book of how he purposly goes off his medications when he has appeared in front of Congress in order to dramatize his illness. Rush was challanging the FACTS of what Fox was saying, not making fun of him.

Rick, you have to be careful of not falling into the same trap the "old media" keeps demonstrating to us each day: the repetition of something you hear that fits a particular bias without researching the facts.

Comment Posted By Bruce On 25.10.2006 @ 13:00


I'm not so sure that the GOP congressional leadership has failed. Don't forget that the GOP in the House are much more conservative than the President, and have gone along with him to support the war effort, instead of giving the Dem's fodder for breaking ranks with the WH. All this talk about losing seats or control of one or both houses of Congress may be good for the GOP (teach 'em a lesson) is rediculous. The ones who need the lesson taught to them are the liberal Donkeys! It's like saying, "yeah, I'll sure teach them a lesson. I'll kill myself and then they'll be sorry I'm not around anymore!" That's not a sane solution to anything. Liberals have no solutions, no ideas, no leadership. A party that governs by committee and polls is a party doomed to failure. And so the Dem's will fail, and keep failing until they vanish from the scene like the Whigs. There is no substitute for victory. You can't affect the outcome by quitting the game. All GOP whiners should go to Blockbuster and rent the movie "Rudy", and then get out and VOTE! The only poll that counts is the one called "Election"!

Comment Posted By Bruce On 18.10.2006 @ 16:19


As Yogi Berra was fond of saying, "It ain't over til it's over." Why on earth would anyone want to admit defeat between (by all reports) evenly matched teams before the game even starts? All this defeatist talk is decidedly a liberal trait, and not usually used to describe conservatives. Why play to lose? Only liberals (when they lose) try to redefine terminology to make them "feel" like winners after losing. Omigod.....could the polls be....wrong? After all, the only poll that ever matters is the one called ELECTION!

Comment Posted By Bruce On 16.10.2006 @ 15:16


There is an age-old axiom in sales (and politics) of "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched." The MSM is hell bent to annoint the Dems as having already won. The Dem's beleive that as well. But, the actual election is a month away. They're already finding that the Foley thing will make the GOP base come out more, instead of keeping them home as was the plan. Polls on individual GOP candidates show gains or gaps closing. The "November Surprise" may even find the GOP EXTENDING their majority. I would not be surprised to find a MSM story in the next few weeks about how the Dem's may not win, but are closing the gap; that even tho they won't win either house, they'll pick up a few more seats, and better to lose now to trumpet more "GOP failues" in 2008. So, don't uncork the champagne yet, cuz the Fat Lady hasn't sung!

Comment Posted By Bruce On 11.10.2006 @ 16:07


Rick, I've heard and seen from other sources that this whole minimum wage issue DOES have some common-sense economic thought behind it: Many unions base their contracts for wages and benefits to the minimum wage, thus an increase in that will ALSO mean an increase for them. Of course they're not going to be above-board with their thinking, instead using the liberal codespeak to mask their true intent by trying to get in by the "back door". Who in their right mind would ever think that a family of four can be supported by one person working for a minimum wage? Only those in their left mind.

Comment Posted By Bruce On 27.07.2006 @ 15:47


To a Vietnam vet, the only way the Dem's could have insulted us more in 2004 was if they had nominated Jane Fonda as his running mate! The most telling thing was the fact that most of the men he served with came out against him.

Comment Posted By Bruce On 15.06.2006 @ 15:39


Thanks, Brothers Moran, for your interesting and informative essays on our flag. As one who has served under it, I could never understand why any desicration of it is allowed or condoned. It is a symbol of our country and history. Say anything you want, smartly or stupidly: that's your 1st Amendment Right. But burn or otherwise desicrate Old Glory, and this Vet will roll in hot on you, and expend ordinance on your butt!

Comment Posted By Bruce On 14.06.2006 @ 11:30


From what I have seen from interviews on Ann herself recently, she was NOT attacking 9-11 widows at all, but using four who actively supported liberal causes/politicians, and keep up a steady, nasty worded barage on the President as EXAMPLES of the liberals trotting out people they feel should be immune to criticism (war widows, Gold Star mothers, etc) and USE them to deliver their message....Bush is bad, the war is bad, the GOP is bad, yadda yadda yadda. I'm sure that if he were living in our time they would trot out Benedict Arnold as a war hero (which of course he WAS, before he became a traitor)!
I think it's more of a case of "if you can't refute the facts, shoot the messenger." Coulter doesn't help herself by dipping her words in vinegar instead of honey, but a lot of what she says explains how Liberals are what they are.
Of course, I haven't read the book myself, so I don't know how far out of or in context it all is. But then, like most people, who needs to be familiar with the facts in order to have an opinion on them?

Comment Posted By Bruce On 13.06.2006 @ 15:38

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