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Dorothy, you misunderestimate the degree to which Democrats are detached from reality.

I live in Chicago, so let me tell you a story to illustrate my point. I live in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, near Governor Rod's home (his wife still lives there, because she refused to move to Springfield). On the northeast corner of Western and Lawrence is a block of small businesses: a store that sells prom dresses to Hispanics, another that sells soccer gear, a drug store, and a store that sells comic books. A year or so ago, the entirely block was condemned by the city. The plan was to sell the real estate to a developer to put in still more condos - to increase city tax revenues. As fine an example of the abuse of the power of eminent domain as you'll find anywhere.

Now, remember, the alderman is a Democrat. Everyone in city government is a Democrat. The county government is run by Democrats. The state legislature is run by Democrats. Every statewide office is held by a Democrat, without exception. So, when I talked with the owner of the comic-book store about the impending loss of his business, whom did he blame? The Republicans! Why? Well, uh, because ... well, because!

These people are detached from reality. They are, politically, insane. I mean that quite literally. There is no other explanation.

So, when Obama fires the US attorneys, most of the press will ignore it. A significant minority will applaud the removal of "politically tainted" attorneys. A few reporters will squawk; they'll be ignored, while the loudest complainers will be informed by their employers that their services are no longer required said employers, with the Fairness Doctrine pending, know which side their bread is buttered on. Fitz will go on to write his memoirs. Tony Rezko will be found to have hanged himself in his cell - he's about to become despondent, you see. And Obama, like his pal Bill 'The Bomber' Ayers, is about to become guilty as hell, free as a bird. What a country.

Oh, and if you think I'm exaggerating about Rezko's impending suicide, consider that Rezko surrendered into federal custody immediately after being found guilty. In other words, he refused bail. Why do that? Well, maybe - just maybe - he didn't want to wind up in the trunk of a stolen car in the O'Hare parking lot. And *that* is the Chicago way.

So, enjoy the rumors. Nothing will come of them.

Comment Posted By Brown Line On 11.10.2008 @ 18:41


I see the Pale Hose just swept the Bosox. El Duque in relief and a beautifully executed squeeze: this Cubs fan tips his cap to you!

Comment Posted By Brown Line On 7.10.2005 @ 18:46



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