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An interesting consequence of that "last 6 months" phenomenon has been reported: it turns out that the one who cost the health system the most are slim non-smokers. Then come overweight non-smokers. Least expensive are smokers.

We have the good manners to die sooner and faster, see, rather than dragging things out to the most expensive extremes!


Comment Posted By Brian H On 21.02.2008 @ 13:58


It's The Handlers, Stupid!

The image-caretakers parse each statement and position with both eyes on the projected and expected effect on demographic slices and dices that they mistake for the electorate, each slice characterized by a simplistic on-off response to certain button-words. Add up the right buttons, and you win! Touch the wrong ones, and the Bomb wipes out your Base.

Pigmy Machiavelli wannabes, all of 'em. Niccolo would choke on their inanities, however.

Comment Posted By Brian H On 24.11.2007 @ 13:16


Wrong-O. Here's a teensy clue (there's lots more where this comes from): ONE 1-mi diameter rocky asteroid nudged into Earth orbit would provide more base and precious metals than have been excavated in Earth's history. It would provide a wealth equivalent to $1,000,000 for every living human. Metals processing in microgravity has immense advantages, including the production of alloys and crystalline forms of iron etc. with unprecedented properties (strength, lightness, and many exotic electronic features).

The moon is a match for the Earth's crust in composition, with the addition of various light elements that have been dispersed here. An example is Helium-3, a royal road to fusion power.

If you must know what's on the other side of every door before you open it, you'll never leave the small suite of rooms you already know. Which may be just fine for you; others of us have more going on in our heads and hearts.

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