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I cannot believe all of these arguments being posted. Our media, which is supposedly biased and to get at the root of these issues, is being taken over to serve a governmental agenda. This is not really shocking, since it has been going on for such a long time. The media is set-up to report the facts, on both sides. The fact that ABC is not allowing opposing views is an outrage. End of story.

Comment Posted By Brent On 18.06.2009 @ 20:22


"especially after conservatives get through informing the public of just what it means to have mandates,... "

How do you propose conservatives do that? Chris Mathews and the rest of the MSM are on board the Obama train to help make it a sucess.

Alot of conservatives are talking about our failures. And the MSM's failures. I haven't seen any conservative discuss what a serious problem the bent MSM is for us in future elections. They control the narrative.

The MSM just covered for a guy who attends a racist black power church for cryin' out loud.

Comment Posted By Brent On 22.11.2008 @ 19:33



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