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There has been speculation that Josh is actually Phillip's son, instead of Jack's. This is creepy, but no worse than Daniels/Lisa.

Morris still has to atone for arming the bombs, so I don't see much hope for him making it through the day.

And finally, Jack really needs to ditch needle nose for Mariyln, or if he could somehow bring the non-evil sister back from season two, that would be even better.

Comment Posted By Brandon On 10.05.2007 @ 16:16


I like Cromwell, too. But moreso because of his villainous role in LA Confidential.

I have a sneaking suspicion he'll be a villain in 24, too.

Comment Posted By Brandon On 23.01.2007 @ 11:33



Even though it's likely he would have been killed on impact after getting kicked out of a train moving at maximum speed, the terrorist still detonated the bomb attached to his body and thus, that was the cause of death.

Comment Posted By Brandon On 15.01.2007 @ 16:52

Also, I'm surprised Achhhhhhhmed didn't offer Scott some sliders from White Castle.

Comment Posted By Brandon On 15.01.2007 @ 13:11

Actually, I think her name is Karen Hays.

Her character may be modeled after the real Karen Hughes, though.

Comment Posted By Brandon On 15.01.2007 @ 13:03


You're thinking or Marwan. ;)

Comment Posted By Brandon On 7.02.2006 @ 14:56


"Airstrikes kill lots of civilians. Of all the civillian casualties in Iraq, most are not by our soldiers, but by bombs."

Statements like this really get under my skin. I sometimes wonder if "progressives" have any idea how much time and effort goes into preventing civilian casulties. In any targeted airstrike we analysize the location of the target and its surroundings - then we look at the civilian concentration around the target at different times (8:00am,12:00pm,7:00pm, etc.) So, say the target is across the street from a mosque and a school - the school is populated from 8am to 5pm and the mosque is populated from 5am to 10pm - the school and the mosque are N and NW of the target, respectivly. We would program the missile to aproach the target from the S at high trajectory (to prevent shrapnel) - at 1am and choose the warhead size based on the distance between the target and the school mousque. Do you remember when we decided to take out the Information Ministry in Baghdad a few days into the campaign? That was a solid concrete warhead - no explosives - aimed at the satilite dishes on the top of the building - there were zero casulties and there was people in the building!

An overwelming majority (at least 90%) of the civilian casulties in Iraq are not caused by Americans, period. They are caused by the insurgents (roadside IEDs) and the Jihadis (exicutions, suicide bombers, VBIED (vechicle borne improvised explosive device).

Comment Posted By Brandon On 20.01.2006 @ 17:10

I think there are other options. Why must it be either a surgical strike on their nuclear facilities or a full invasion? I do not see us doing either. Instead, we could knock out the regime's ability to govern with a massive airstrike targeting it's CNC infastructure, communications, military installations, and try to eliminate as many of their SRBMs as we can (and hope our missile defenses can handle those that remain). The key would be suprise. No hint or warning. Of course, there would have to be some cooperation with dissident groups. A Desert Storm/Enduring Freedom hybrid. Operation Enduring Freedom v2.0

Comment Posted By Brandon On 19.01.2006 @ 16:18



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