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So I saw two major points, one is the pensions need to go - put the workers into a 401k or IRA (considering how we've seen pension funds go bust or be defaulted on by the companies that were to fund them I don't see this as a bad thing). Pensions are usually what I hear about in regards to state employees, especially in Massachusetts where plenty of public employees use all kinds of loopholes to increase their payouts. Let them have the same as the rest of us, pensions are an anachronism in this day and age anyway.

As to Health Care, I'd love to have whatever Congress gets, but we know that won't happen, so why not put everyone into the same pool. Sure Unions have negotiated all kinds of nice perks there, and I guess that is what they do, but honestly, no one in government is about to change ANYTHING in health care until they feel the same pain (or see it) as the rest of us.

Public Service is something I would not want to be in, let's face it most people who come into a government office do so to complain more than they do to congratulate. I give some credit to the people in the office, make sure I am polite and do my homework, and I have found most encounters have been ok. Some offices are where hacks go, and unless you can make the hiring process more transparent that won't change, so we will continue to get useless dorks who don't know how to do anyone's job never mind whatever one they are shoved into.

A government job doesn't need to be a honeypot to be competitive and get people to do the job, most people have such a negative view on those who work in the public sector anyway that anyone who wants to do it should probably have their head examined.

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I don't really care about gay's who marry, it hasn't redefined my marriage in the least, I married a Chinese woman - I am sure in some period of our history it'd be looked down upon. Whatever. If its really about the sanctity of marriage then get rid of divorce, that really ruins homes and family and messes up kids.

I'll never understand why it is that if Conservatives want government out of their lives, or smaller government, why not support gay rights? Why give the government one more inch to be involved and use that as a stepping stone for something else - isn't that the usual argument for something they want the government to be hands off for? If its not for smaller government then its another reason entirely, what that us I don't know.

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Well let me get this out of the way first, why is it that every female politician has to have their wardrobe mentioned? Do we get a notice of male politico's and what color suit they are wearing, cuffs or no cuffs, in stories? No. So let's let that double standard drop, please.

I saw this quote from Palin earlier:

“It’s an All-Americana event. A good, patriotic, wonderful event that’s bringing a whole lot of people together. I think it’s good for our country.”

First off I do find her too chock full of phrases to be taken seriously, or that she is genuine, she just comes off to me as another kind of politician taking advantage of something she is good at. For that I don't begrudge her anything, I wish more people did what they are good at, but that she tries to come off as being so selfless about it when it seems more promotional, I don't buy it. I also don't have the foggiest what an All-Americana event is, does that mean its good, patriotic and brings a whole lot of people together? Who defines that? I could say that about my neighborhood block party, if someone raised a flag or said the pledge of allegiance. Getting people together is nice for our country, unfortunately, many people in either party such as Palin and Obama somehow end up driving more apart than they bring together. By that experience neither one is patriotic or an All-Americana event.

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I love the "city on a hill" reflection, especially when people refer it to a time in America that was simpler. Yes it was, in a place that became a refuge for people seeking religious freedom, who in response basically limited religious freedom. The Puritans were hard working and opened up Massachusetts, but in doing so drove out anyone who was different in belief. Not sure that is the America I want to be remembering.

You have some good insights about Palin, and I wish I could take your stance about her, but something in my gut just doesn't like her. But then I have that response to many of the politicians that have come out there, Obama is quickly getting on that list with his own missteps. I think Palin is going to milk this cash-cow for as long as she can, keeping the hope out there that she will do something then finally bring the stick down in some fashion.

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This says it all about the MA election:
As an alternative to the clueless Coakley, he was fine.
Brown was a better choice because of the kind of candidate Coakley was, and the fact that he got out and campaigned. I saw Brown ads alot while surfing the net before the election, I cannot remember seeing anything of Coakley or its the face she was drowned out.

Funny how all politics are local, except when people decide they want a race to mean something in the wider scheme of things. Massachusetts is a funny state and sometimes the results don't add up to the result some people expect, this was a race that regardless of how Coakley and others tried to make it about the National Agenda came down to good old fashioned campaigning. Brown did it, Coakley (when she did) came across as the detached, prosecutor that she is. 'nuff said

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As much as the Democrats are entrenched in this state I think there are plenty of other states out there in a Republican "dictatorship". It's true that we have had one party power for a long time, and its decried every election season, but now that Kennedy is out there might be time for a change in this state since the love-affair is hopefully gone. Scott is building momentum here, something that might not have happened with an active candidate but Coakley has always shown herself less than active, though the party is pushing - I've had 8 calls from various Republican organizations just this past weekend.

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I'm here through Bloglines, and not sure how I found you either but glad I did, I like to get news from both side but the odiousness of the far extreme on either side turns me off. Getting an interesting view here leads me on if I want to follow, and I want to thank you for that. Usually I check out the posts, though having the whole post in the feed is good but in reality its the comments that add icing to the cake you provide. As long as the title and headline is appealing I will be clicking over.

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Well considering that they had a "coup" and then elections within the same year, where a winner was someone not installed to lead, now if the transition of power is as seamless it will be better than some of our allies have done. Ok, now with the sarcasm filter off, I give it to Honduras, they knew what Zelaya was trying to do, gave him an opportunity to not do what he said he would, then when he refused they showed him the door. Its nothing we should have been involved with, and the handling seemed pretty unsteady as it was, funny how the crises (sp?) that come up and show up administrations are usually the small ones.

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We have a tradition and custom of Christian mercy and charity in this country.

Actually Busboy it was more a Protestant work ethic and idea of self-reliance, that is why it was ok to fund soup kitchens and such for those who failed. You were expected to try hard for yourself first, and if you looked capable you'd be looked upon as someone who did not try. The view of Christianity today is not the same one that built this country and evolved with it.

I can't say that I agree with this post but it has given me some things to think about, and I think that is a good thing.

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Be careful with Romney, I voted for him when he ran for Governor in MA because we had a weak field of candidates (still do) but by the time he was halfway through his term he was out of state running for Pres. His biggest problem, though he may know Economics, is that he tends to change his positions very quickly and the rationales he gives tend to be specious. The health care system you tout he lead, it was mostly done within the Legislature, he did little with it and the signing he left to his Lt. Gov so she'd have a promo piece on the news while she was running for his job.

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